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  1. I’m sorry but fuck pit bulls look up the shit they do to toddlers every single day… another like 5 year old just got her face ripped off just last week by one

  2. White women tears are dangerous af. White privileged at its finest.

  3. How is she so fine in photo shoots and Instagram and so scary in Pap photos

  4. Wait so the reason we don’t like him is because he’s had threesomes? Reddit…..😂

  5. I get more anxiety wondering if the second square from the top, on the far right would count as having motorcycle in it, since it technically shows the throttle and brake handle….

  6. The sims…… actually that would probably be fucking boring lol

  7. Horrific… I’m for the first time just speechless. They are never going to get it are they guys ?

  8. I love Ryland. When he met Shane, he was not much different than he is now. Committed to self care, fitness, a drive for a finer life, and a cookie cutter very specific genre of entertainer. Like he has a gossip news host. He has never been “lol I’m so relatable and say everything that appeals to everyone else which ends up with people dragging me because anyone portaging such a character quite literally has to be fake at some point because it is humanly impossible to be consistently relatable to all humans” I have just always loved his consistency. And I feel like we just genuinely know him. I have always unpopularly appreciated his role in all of these eras. He doesn’t appease for broad appeal. It’s refreshing. I also think he is an incredible partner. He is so so supportive and ride or die for Shane and gets shit done. But I have appreciated his arguments on Shane’s bew pod. Literally, they always seem valid and I truly feel like he drops it to make sure his man’s show still works and offers positive rhetoric toward him NO MATTER WHAT. I empathize for him being constantly in environments who suck Shane’s dick all day. (I am not even a full Shane hater, but) But he is just who is he is. Everyone bends to Shane depending on what he wants and laugh and agree. And leave. (Not Chris yet, but he’s following a pattern) Ryland says things he means. He doesn’t appease. And he is himself. I think he is the best relationship (friend or romantic) I’ve seen Shane have. As a quite literal lifer.

  9. no one is saying her son isn't allowed to be shirtless in his own house.. but why does it need to be posted for the entire world to see? the balenciaga scandal attracted pedos, this could've stayed in her phone

  10. I mean I guess but these pictures just don’t look exploitive to me at all his nipples aren’t even in the picture…. Idk I just think it’s weird how easy people can look at this picture and see sexual suggestiveness

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