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  1. Maybe it would have helped, for new people not to feel helpless. however, disabling voice in arena what made things worse. I mean this is XBOX services with out voice. Consoles don't come with keyboard to type.

  2. I couldn't give you a comprehensive list of players who have been banned for spawncamping. But I've definitely seen a few threads where people claim they or a friend was banned, and a lot of partners / streamers have stopped any excessive spawn camping. As far as a quick search goes,

  3. I dont think there is a list, I think this is an fake story repeated to scare people off.

  4. I think thats what it is, a scare tactic. otherwise we would see tons of people banned.

  5. No Sir, Thank You.. ! I had been playing this game since day one (have my day one patch and golden M patch) and every-time I watch your guide I learn something new. That tells you how great job you have done. This game is complex, and your guides are the easy and fast way to improve. So if this old Sea Dog learns after few years playing, new players will benefit even more. Well Done... keep doing it.

  6. That means a lot, I'll do my best to keep it coming 😊

  7. In fact after finishing watching your stream from yesterday, something you did got me curious, so I went into the game to tested my theory, and sure enough it worked. Dude you are a genius, why did I not think about this before...

  8. Solo is hard, like really hard, because you are a captain and gunner, and hole fixer, and bucket monkey, and loot digger, and navigator, and (whatever comes at you)

  9. Last update had brought bucket problem again. it does not empty from time to time. it has animation and sound but water is still there.

  10. Captaincy is more mid game than end game so i feel like the prices might be in these ranges

  11. I agree! I was just pondering about this earlier because doubloons dont really have much use. I like the idea. And all the people crying because they dont have them anymore would be slightly entertaining.

  12. To me doubloons set apart common content from special. (aka ritual skulls) It would make sense captaincy would be there, purchased at Larinna

  13. At $18k a pop on storage crates, I only buy them for long sessions with at least one friend with plans on money making.

  14. Yeah storage creates are only worth purchase if you server hop and immediately want to go after current ships. For normal sailing just look at the islands that spawn them often. Not worth of money. You can buy cannon crate and empty to the ship than use empty cannon crate to go around outpost. Much cheaper option, same with wood crate.

  15. Its not worth buying storage crates, they everywhere. I usually look for one at nearest island or look for Skelly sloop. Once you have more than one storage crates, deposit one to shrine with half of the supplies in it.

  16. Yeah its bad for past few weeks and yesterday was horrible. Worst part it crushes during battles, and when you immediately rejoin you will get bad hitreg. And I mean like really really bad hitreg. This happens on XBOX Series X and S and on the PC. So far I realized that lowering FPS helps to make crashes less often.

  17. Maybe there's an underlying code reason as to why the duplicate flags were being dropped, they introduced a patch that was something like "just don't drop the flag" , but on the backend it was something deeper like "the game considers flags to be a special type of item and that's causing something funky whenever people go through the portal so we need to reclassify stuff". Obviously that's just a made up example but could just be a deeper code issue needs tweaking.

  18. I wonder if thats due to that weird bug that loops ship back to the outpost, while dropping your flags at portal. You can get like insane amount flags that way. Happen to me one time.

  19. Hitreg fixed...... Finally dont need two ammo crates to take down zombie chickens

  20. Imagine spectacularly overpaying for a bot platform just to "own the libs."

  21. Maybe;" its not about money, its about sending a message"

  22. Probably because one of the Fed's goals is to limit unemployment. Powell has said this repeatedly, and this was one of the justifications for not raising rates to quell inflation during the pandemic.

  23. As admirable that goal is, Biden wants to remove tariffs, so unemployment about to go through the roof. So FED can't stop that anymore. None that twisting rates is going to help, may as well raise by 200 and get over it.

  24. I had similar, brig was doing FoF, second brig came and they started fighting each other, and just left FoF finished. So I took my rowboat there and everything was still in the fort. Loaded row boat and casually rowed to Outpost to sell. Watched both brigs keep going in the distance until I lost track of them. Odd thing none have came back, I think they both assumed other got all the loot.

  25. Didn't HD beat earnings like last month

  26. yeah but FED raised rates this month, so lets see how that looks like going forward. To be honest I think FED raised 75 points only because they did not want, everyone to freak out. Should have raised by 125 points at least. That would have panicked everyone but it would have started turning ship around. On the end with out energy prices going down no matter what is done, we are screwed.

  27. I've always been confused by what is good for HD. Is it:

  28. Home Depot depends on money to spare, if there are none: new homes are not built, old homes are not renovated. Empty HD parking indicates both are stopping so no money to spare. Not surprising if gas prices as so high, with food prices going through the roof. Vacations will be quiet but September will be brutal on stock market.

  29. Nostalgic is understatement. With out arena, 99.99% of pirates you meet on the sea can't hit anything with those cannonballs. And whole PVP skills comes down to how quickly people can press M1. I miss arena...

  30. Rich-Middle class people will hate it because of depreciating investments.

  31. Except, with galloping inflation poor people won't be able to afford to eat, or have place to sleep. And this is going to be global recession too, so its not like people in other countries survive this better.

  32. US is already in recession, Home Depot parking was half empty on Saturday, which means people are stopping home improvement projects. Now the snowball effect, and in two months we will be talking about when we think recession will be over. Answer not this year.

  33. My story is very similar, here I am, solo, on the server trying to fight sharks in the water (I was hungry) my default ship my sailor outfit and sailor title, and that brig comes in, even so I am flashing my lantern in sign on peace trying to tell them I am new player, one of them boards my ship and trys to attack me, so I spawn camped them until their ship sunk.

  34. Where I live a lot of people heat their places with wood. Dead trees are so plentiful right now it's basically free and most people already own chainsaws. Only cost is a chain now and then, some bar oil, and a few can's worth of mixed gas.

  35. Consider this very lucky, most of the other North East states have banned wood furnaces at homes due to pollution. You can't install wood furnace anymore, only grandfather in. Pellet stove for single rooms is as far they will let you have.

  36. What we really need is development of scrubbing tech to truly eliminate the particulate emissions/minimize the smoke. So many people live near accessible wood but don't realize it and we're not talking about clearcutting healthy native hardwood forest either.

  37. I know what you mean, I have enough firewood on my property to last for years, but can't use it because I can't get wood furnace.

  38. Or people could just vote for Greenparty and be done with dems bs...

  39. Tell me you don’t understand our political system, without… oh fuck it, I don’t talk to idiots

  40. clearly idiots that vote for democrats (aka clever republican Karens) don't understand. If people voted for Greenparty we would have public healthcare and we would be off the fossil fuels already.

  41. Not only is loyalty being demanded at the ballot box…but now constituents have to voice their blue party absolutionism or else they’re helping the Russians?

  42. Thats what the biden trolls were posting before election. Smart people knew biden sucked ass.

  43. I think good question is who are the people that still approve him ? What kind of mental health issue they have?

  44. I was part of Open crew...... (terrifying every single time)

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