1. If you applied back in June then yeah, they probably moved on, but if they liked you enough then they would’ve logged you into their spreadsheet and could call you back any point in the next year (Zach got contacted a year after his video while Mike heard back in a week.)

  2. Oh ok I don’t know why but for some reason I thought there were two idols that he won.

  3. It’s lame because there were backstories and the positive girl was voted out… except you want it to be about backstabbing? And then you gave it an 88/100? Weird review, LOL.

  4. This will probably be downvoted for not being high on the episode. I’ve been being downvoted for anything negative I say about the season already

  5. 3 tribes of 6 just makes it stressful for me off the bat. I’m fine with it now but I want them to return to it eventually.

  6. I am PRETTY sure it’s only Gabler’s, it’s never worked like two regular Tribals.

  7. I saw a hilarious tweet pre-season that definitely still applies: if he came onto the island and told people he was 19, they would think he was lying.

  8. 100% truthful. I think it shows like a split-second of us when the water is at its deepest. The sun was beaming that day, so I don’t fault him at all for thinking I was lying because I was totally dry when I got back to camp.

  9. It’s such a hilarious thing to lie about. Maybe you should’ve described it as a battle to the death and he would’ve bought it.

  10. Did Morriah have a notably bad performance? I didn’t see anything.

  11. Did Morriah do anything notably bad in that challenge? I couldn’t tell, but she must’ve done something if everyone was talking about it.

  12. I was totally fooled by that! I thought Owen was for sure a goner after Elie’s confessional.

  13. Oh easily Ryan, he talked in a pre-game interview about wanting his cast to “play the game like it should be played” so he’s definitely gonna push for big moves and totally flame out.

  14. I don’t think Ryan is getting hyped up a ton preseason tho is he?

  15. Total misread of the question, I just assumed we were talking about players who make a “big move” for the sake of it and totally flame out after.

  16. Am I the only person who wants a season with no twists and no idols and a final 2 and nobody is told and we get the auction and the intro and NO MORE FIJI????

  17. “Yes, we may have some, we may have a lot, we may have none. (in reference to twists)”

  18. I mean we already got it in 41 so I’m definitely not clamoring for it.

  19. Geo will be caught looking for the idol day 1 and be the target for like 15 minutes until that’s forgotten about.

  20. There's one episode where they have a fake final four in the opening montage. They digitally edited out Richard, Sue, and Kelly.

  21. In order to balance this out, they eventually had to digitally edit in a “Brett” to a later season.

  22. We need every contestant on the next seasons to claim it is their dream to see their name on the credits.

  23. If they all say it, they’ll have to give everyone their own intro shot and from there we have it!

  24. Got robbed of what? Winning? If so, let us know how Tony played worse than her.

  25. We didn’t get any new challenges for 42 and I think 41 as well, hopefully we have some fun stuff happening this time!

  26. Seems like they just forgot, same with the digital logo. That, or production is lazy as shit. I’m betting on the latter. Almost no effort is being put in for this season.

  27. Nice! I’ve been listening to the Survivor Historians Samoa series and figured it out from seeing Jaison on here (and who said the Historians couldn’t be useful?!)

  28. Your drunk if you think we’re unranked now.

  29. It’s not what you’ll want to hear but you can get a call whenever. Mike from 42 heard back within the week and Zach from 42 heard back in a year. There’s no method to their madness except that you can expect to have been called by February if you’re moving on.

  30. It was not obvious to me that you knew about the initiative already, it looked possible to me that "word on the street is they're pushing for diversity" was your full understanding of that fairly nuanced subject. If you were referring to something else than that's my own misunderstanding.

  31. I’m being blunt about it: there are plenty of straight young white peiple who have been on the show and easily make up the majority of applicants. I’m assuming a majority of people on this subreddit fall into that category so it would explain why they haven’t gotten views, either. They’re gonna look at every other applicant group before and go to the bulk later.

  32. I honestly wonder if it goes by submission date. August was pretty recently. I got a call very early on last year but I also submitted in like February. I reckon they go from earliest videos received to the most recent which could take awhile. Everybody needs to relax 😂 they cast until February there’s a lot of time ahead of us

  33. It’s definitely the stress of people seeing the website saying that things “heat up in September”, lol

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