1. Generally whenever a babyface guarantees or promises, it mostly means he will do it successfully especially when it's a white meat babyface

  2. anyone who thinks there’s even the slightest chance that Roman retains is kidding themselves

  3. They made an "I Can, I Will" shirt for Roman before WM31, we all know how they turned out

  4. I think original plan was for Roman to win but Seth winning was last minute decision

  5. I think Roman has good chances of retaining even though I want Cody to win

  6. The tag match is fine whatever but if they absolutely had to shoehorn Cody into this story from the royal rumble at least make it a triple threat at mania so that Cody gets the pin on Roman and Sami still gets his deserved Mania main event.

  7. The only people I’m positive are winning their matches are Cody, Rollins, and KO/Sami. Every other match can go either way.

  8. I don't see how anyone doesn't see that Roman's winning after this.

  9. I think Roman is retaining but it will be foolish to have Cody beat undefeated Solo clean just to make him lose to Roman after 6 days

  10. Roman/Cody even happening is foolish if Roman wins, they never should have booked this match for WM, but it's obvious at this point he is.

  11. I want Cody to win so bad but I'm already prepared that Roman is winning so I won't get disappointed

  12. The fact that they are saying it as Biggest tag team match of all time gives me hope that it might main event Night 1

  13. Have they said which night the Damage CTRL vs Becky, Lita, Trish match will be?

  14. Both Women’s titles were on Saturday last year. But the announcers have never stated what day Charlotte Vs Rhea is.

  15. There is a post here that WWE confirmed that Charlotte vs Rhea Ripley will happen on Night 1

  16. Has Solo lost clean before? This could be it.

  17. He lost by DQ against KO on Raw but never got pinned till now

  18. They did it without Roman, Sami, Seth and Becky although Seth and Becky were originally advertised for the show but they weren't there last night

  19. I think its pretty safe to say Cody is a bigger draw than Roman

  20. Not sure about that but Cody is definitely a big draw whether people like it or not and numbers are backing him

  21. Probably Jey Uso storyline wise but i don't know if company views Jey as world champion material

  22. He also has a special Finish the story shirt for Wrestlemania which is similar to Hogan's Wrestlemania 7 poster

  23. I'm expecting him to lose because of the telegraphing, but I want Roman to win.

  24. worthless stat over building a Baby Face megastar in Cody.

  25. Agreed but WWE loves to hype up and promotec these kind of stats

  26. Rollins vs Logan Paul or Bobby Lashley open challenge.

  27. Rollins vs Logan Paul will happen on Night 1 since it's Logan Paul's Birthday

  28. I did read somewhere that Rollins vs. Paul was slated for Night 1 indeed

  29. Roman missing Smackdown this close to Wrestlemania is completely unacceptable

  30. Either Cody wins or DQ finish leading to bloodline attack on Cody and then potentially Sami and KO saving Cody

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