1. Your post makes me so glad that I moved to Dublin instead of straight into rural Ireland. I moved here from north of Sacramento 14 years ago and despite the fact that all the Irish friends I've made over the years have left Ireland I still don't regret moving here at all. My husband and I are looking at moving somewhere more rural these days, but I can't imagine having done it straight out of California.

  2. Reading your post made me super anxious. Im from California, husband is Welsh and doesn't want our kid to be shot when he goes to school , so .... There just isn't enough sun for me to exist in Wales. Then i saw your post on The Pound in Sf! Im a metalhead, so we probably never hung out at the pound, but I spent a lot of time there, having a great time. Small world. Hope you can get back into the sun!

  3. I've been in Ireland 14 years now from California and you do get used to it. I take Vitamin D and make sure to spend as much time as I can in the sun. The first couple of winters I did have SAD quite badly but it passed.

  4. I bought Guild Wars after having played GW2 for a few years. I installed it, made a character, logged in...and discovered I couldn't jump. I ran around a little bit more then logged out and never went back.

  5. What part of that is wrong? I assume if you're working and working out that you've built up a sweat. Therefore meeting the first requirement to have a shower.

  6. Scepter/Dagger main since launch and I could not be happier.

  7. Grats! Are you going to keep it or sell it?

  8. Selling def. Got other things I need to do with that gold!

  9. The retelling of David and Goliath that we never knew we needed.

  10. I saw those, but I'm not familiar with any of the shops that came up. Are you?

  11. They grow everywhere, you probably have some in your garden

  12. Sadly I live in an apartment. No garden.

  13. Do you happen to know how much they cost you? Also, how do you prepare them?

  14. As someone who lives with chronic pain and goes through a box of Solapdeine a week this is one of the scariest situations I can think of. Every time I go in for a new box I worry that I'll be told no. Are there other things I can take? Sure, I've got prescriptions for things much more addictive than codeine. But I don't always need something stronger than Solpadeine and I don't want to risk addiction to those things because paracetamol isn't strong enough.

  15. Is it for Children's Health Ireland worldwide or just because we accessed it from Ireland?

  16. Cubicle Seven, the company with the rpg license for Warhammer games, are based in Meath.

  17. Has anyone done this math for Star Citizen? I'd love to know where it stands right now.

  18. This. But also, Harvey. Assuming you like shy, probably neurodivergent older men with a moustache.

  19. What is up with the . instead of , in numbers that I keep seeing more of lately?

  20. Different countries represent numbers differently. It isn't uncommon in Europe to see a number like this €1.092,82 with the 82 being cents.

  21. After months of trying to find somewhere to rent that was within the Dublin commuter belt we went with the very first place that said yes to us keeping our elderly cat.

  22. Ah, you can't say that and not provide any details! Come on, spill it! Please...?

  23. Crypto scam. She's pretty much completely computer illiterate and extremely gullible (her own words). So she got told about this "amazing investment" and got taken for a ride. It was only when the scammers told her to get a loan from her bank and lie about the reason she needed it that she caught on.

  24. Oh... well, happy cakeday... yay?

  25. My husband and I play almost exclusively together. Right now we're working on world complete and I can honestly say I haven't had this much fun since the game launched. Hearts get done so fast. We're flying through world completion.

  26. It's all down to driver shortages. Every major bus company is suffering with it. Go Ahead will happily take the fines.

  27. Sadly this sort of thing has been happening since Go-Ahead took over 4 years ago, it's only gotten worse recently. Covid can't be blamed for this one.

  28. Seeking a new rental for years myself but now priced out of the market (not that there are any flats to rent anyway). I'm now stuck renting a place in Dub, which is grand for now but tbh it feels like I could be made homeless if the landlord sells up or puts the rent up beyond what I can pay. I'd have to move home at over 40 with zero chance of finding anywhere else to rent.

  29. My husband and I were facing this very real possibility earlier this year. Our landlord was looking into selling to make some quick cash. We were facing the very real possibility that at 40 years old my husband (and I) would have to move in with his mother. Thankfully the landlord decided not to sell, but that threat still hangs over our heads.

  30. A little free-to-play browser MMORPG called City of Steam. It was really charming, sadly it just never really caught on. Oh, and the music was amazing.

  31. We've got a couple of sparrowhawks that live in nearby woods. You can hear them and see them out hunting pretty much every day. We had one stop and rest on our balcony for about a half hour a couple years ago. My favorite time of year is when the two birds hunting become three birds hunting.

  32. Plumas is an interesting choice. Not one I would have expected to see.

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