Rough Articuno animation I made

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  1. Civil engineering --> mathematics cause thats all Im good at.

  2. The titration curve is a graph of the volume of titrant, or in our case the volume of strong base, plotted against the pH. There are several characteristics that are seen in all titration curves of a weak acid with a strong base. These characteristics are stated below.

  3. Ive seen a lot of fakes. The whole point is to replicate as close as possible as cheap as possible. That pin would not be able to be replicated as cheap as possible and look that nice. That's too much work on their end.

  4. I know its from Star Wars and i think it symbolizes the Galactic Senate (im not entirely sure though)? Major scrapper/fake unfortunately.

  5. The constant chaffing. It can really hurt. My stomach overhangs my abdomen and if im not careful it can cause a raw spot. Baby powder and constant showers are my ways of combating it.

  6. Looks very similar to my HS flairs.

  7. If religion is your only motive to be a good person, chances are you're not a good person.

  8. Don't keep it in. Don't try to act tough because its a pet. Don't let others tell you you can't be upset over an animal.

  9. How to fully describe a situation or scenario without rambling on. Being clear, concise, and to the point about my thoughts. The ability to think logically and quickly on my feet. Managing projects behind the scenes and present a finalized version to potential strangers. Manage schedules and preferences of up to 6 people at a time. Carefully consider concerns, feedback, and comments and apply them to future session.

  10. The tall frame of the chestnut wood looked to welcome anyone passing through regardless of their size. The hand-carved wood is unusual soft despite its layered and weathered look. The golden knob fit perfectly into the hand of whomever touches it as if by magic. Its never too large and never too small.

  11. A posable tail or and extra arm and hand.

  12. Khan academy saved my grade with Calc2. As well as an online integral and derivative calculator.

  13. Solid extraction. Hope you heal well!

  14. Pretty good animation so far! My only suggestion is a little more articulation at the base and the first joint. Right now, the animation looks like the last 2/3rds of the wings are doing the majority of the work.

  15. From "Dumb and Dummer" Loyds "most annoying sound ever" (if you havent seen the movie its just him screaming at an abhorrent pitch).

  16. I would reccomend using a derivative calculator online. There is an option for implicit.

  17. What a cute pin! I love the smaller pins. Definitely a good find.

  18. the thing is they just disappear on their own and come back a few weeks later, sometimes they hurt sometimes theyre fine! is this going to eventually spread elsewhere..?

  19. Yeah I had that as well. Its sweat getting stuck under the skin and getting infected. Sometimes it can heal on its own, sometimes it cant. I think it can get to other areas, but I'm not a dr. Please just keep bringing this up with a GP.

  20. thank you! is sweat getting stuck under the skin and getting infected the same thing as HS? sorry if that's a dumb question lol

  21. Sweat getting stuck under the skin and getting infected is HS

  22. Ohhhhhhh this one looked like it hurt! Great pop.

  23. Regardless if you live 2 minutes from her or not, you're not her Uber/Taxi. Thats not energy you need to be around. For a "friend" you've had all your life, there's no excuse for her "not knowing your humor" seems like a load of bull.

  24. Love the Harry Potter and the animal pins. Are those animal pins at Animal Kingdom?

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