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  1. Yes indeed. You're cuticles appear to be quite dry and could use a bit of moisturization.

  2. Ex vet tech, works with pets. Hand cleaning protocol for that will dry your hands out quicker than shit. Sometimes itll make ya bleed.

  3. How long are you heating it? I’ve had my dyna for years now and used it 1,000+ times and my cap doesn’t look like that lol

  4. For the love of god, please tell me that is'nt a clorox bottle?!

  5. Clorox AND tin foil!? You're losing about a 1/2 year of your life every time you hit that.

  6. If you grow it right. Thats wellllllllllll over $100 worth

  7. Sadly no, it was all straight black lines. The letters were diagonally arranged as well, like one in the middle, one on top, one on the bottom.

  8. Maybe a little more context? It wasnt like, a made up logo of his kids initials?

  9. Venmo is @wulfpeevee for anyone whod like to help.

  10. What's the name of the induction heater? Looks dope

  11. Im willing to sell! Make offer! (It does have my name sharpied on the bottom)

  12. I'm in the same boat dude. If you find an answer please let me know lol!

  13. Can I have a cut of your variegated monstera?🥲 wow that is gorgeous. Nice canopy as well!

  14. Wow for real?! That would be awesome😂 lmk! Will be following

  15. Haha sure. I was actually thinking once it gets big enough im going to cut it to get 4 seperate plants. And try a few different ways like coco and ferts, soil, different LEDS.

  16. Kinda just tastes like the batter lol. Basically like pancakey.

  17. AP__ says:

    Even if all nodes have established roots already? I’m concerned that they’re already slimy too, is that ok?

  18. They aren't roots. They are aerial roots. You have no roots yet.

  19. Take 2 ibuprofen and a glass of water before bed. Whats a hangover?

  20. Friend wanted mcdonalds, I said "Im broke at the moment man but you go ahead"

  21. I dont understand when people say vaping is for pussies.

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