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  1. For one, I don’t place much stock in people complaining about what I’m doing in this game. Second, it’s objective based. Do what you gotta do to protect or cap the objective. Third, who gives a shit about camping?

  2. This always happens for me with the scout jacket. It’s a bummer because I like that jacket, but not when it’s going all scanner darkly in the cut scenes.

  3. True, but the thing that’s really disturbing about people like this is that they don’t realize that Russia is actively fighting to undermine American interests. These people are no different than the isolationists in the 1930s that watched Germany and Japan begin tearing down the world and just said “not happening here, so it’s not our problem.”

  4. The number of stars around a lvl 10 icon are more likely to reflect the level of toxicity than skill.

  5. All different sorts of alcoholics. Some might pound a case of bud heavies once a month, while others might have a problem drinking three scotch-on-the-rocks every day after work. I know where you're coming from, but there's no reason to quantify alcoholism.

  6. That’s true, my take is that in practice there is an element of self-diagnosis to alcoholism. For example, I’ve know folks that put away half a fifth of liquor a night and those that did not even have a drink every night. While chronic health problems usually were the indicator of alcoholism for the former, the latter usually had behavioral issues. For example, they may drink once a week but get blacked out and make terrible decisions. For many, it is up to the person to determine if drinking is a problem.I

  7. Don’t feed the trolls. Report, ignore, and move on. If you react to trolls, they win your attention and the fact checking attention and make it a debate, instead of dying alone and forgotten.

  8. That’s true, studies of misinformation in the psychology field have found that the act of repeating a dubious source, even to fact check it or disclaim it, validates it for some people. I believe the phenomenon is called “repetition-based truth-effect.” In the LIS field, there is a similar situation when discussing bad information literacy. Essentially people who do not know how to evaluate the quality of sources in a digital environment will use upvotes, a lot of comments, or just a lot of engagement on an article of information to validate it.

  9. Imagine thinking people worked hard for their wealth in a damn feudal society

  10. Hahahaha they didn’t work hard. They’re grand fathers grand father went around slaughtering people willy nilly, so the king at the time was like “here’s a plot of land which includes the people born on it, you get whatever they make, and in return you only slaughter who I tell you to slaughter.”

  11. And the French want to lead a European Union army....

  12. Macron is doing the same thing as China, he wants his country to be the ones that get credit and prestige as the peace makers in this conflict. Despite, their participation in major international organization la like NATO and EU, France has had a nationalist streak since WWII. It’s usually pretty innocuous and subtle. But that’s why you’ll see attempts to do things that aren’t necessarily in opposition to the European community or NATO, but aimed at giving particular distinction to France. Even before WWI, France was not the strongest empire but they had always been at the center of European affairs, this is just another attempt to restore that status. This isn’t a huge criticism of France, but it is troubling because a major component of success in Ukraine will be unity in NATO and the EU, letting Russia know that there will not be any soft areas or conflicts they can exploit to evade international condemnation or sanctions, and that Ukraine will keep getting weapons and supplies. France trying to do it alone could upset this unity.

  13. It’s all fun and games until a crisis outpaces the diplomatic response and leaders are only left to consider the input of their militaries and the planning they have been working on. That’s how you go from some Austrian getting shot in Serbia to a world war.

  14. In high school a friend of a friend actually tried to convince me that Hitler was a communist. I knew he was wrong, but I just found the whole conversation exhausting. I don't know if he still thinks that way, I really hope not.

  15. Yeah I know more than a few people that think Nazis were socialist because it was in the name of the party. Most of the arguments break down with any real look at comparisons between Nazi policies and Marxist/socialist principles. Ian Kershaw’s “Nazi Dictatorship” does a good job discussing these comparisons. The closest people get with this argument is comparing Germany’s war time economy with a controlled economy like in the USSR, but that’s a bad comparison because most wartime economies receive a lot more government intervention.

  16. Vikings wondering why their villages are being pillaged after they just pillaged other villages 👀🫢

  17. Late Antiquity/Dark Ages, Europe’s most violent game of duck, duck, goose.

  18. Yes, and all hail Ragnar Lothbrok, but I read the Durant's Age of Faith last year and came away with a new appreciation for the Dark Ages.

  19. Yeah “dark ages” can be a misnomer. For one, I think people get the time period wrong. I’m pretty sure the “dark ages” run from late antiquity to the era of Benedictine Reforms around 900 or 1000. A lot of people describe the whole medieval period as the dark ages.

  20. I think you overlooked the equally important factor of the Russian Military being exposed as much weaker than the west thought it was. Seems a subtle detail but it will have huge, lasting ramifications.

  21. I guarantee a military history book published 20-30 years from now will say something to this effect.

  22. Dont get me started on normandy i had a game right after this where some dickhead sat on a hill in a tiger and none of us could do anything about it

  23. On Normandy, allies need to use the air. Allies have really good multirole aircraft. Some of the fighters (P47 and P51) have great air to ground payloads. Even the A20 (bomber) can eliminate enemy bombers and heavy fighters pretty consistently. Also, I can never spot anything from the air in the Tunisia campaign but it’s so easy to find the muzzle blast of tigers and panthers in Normandy. While the Germans do have some good fighters (Bf109 and Fw 190), they do not have great air to ground payloads. Allied aircraft can eliminate air and ground targets effectively while Germans need to choose one or run two aircraft with one covering the other.

  24. Well. The 110 is pretty decent both against inf and planes, especially P-47 and A-20. Yet I have the feeling that the 37mm is sometimes buggy. Also it has a rather bad agility compared to my P-51 with bomber bombs (which I still find ironic since they removed the 250kg from the BF for the sake of balance).

  25. Yeah when I play Germans I can’t decide if I like the 110 or 410 better. The 110 is better for air to ground and the sight on the 410 is unpleasant. But the issue with the 110 for air to air is that you have very limited ammo. Yes 2x 30mm and a 37mm shouldn’t require too much ammo, but I’ve been in scenarios where I have to discretely bug out to reload. The 410 can just hose 20mm for quite a while.

  26. Indeed, I'm not sure if he understands it clearly or senses it with his guts, but either way he KNOWS that pushing the button would do nothing but speed up his demise

  27. Plus the whole acting unpredictably bit and appearing unhinged can also be a strategy in itself. Short of nuclear war where everyone loses, nuclear weapons are only valuable if people think you will use them.

  28. Oh, so he’s trying to copy the North Korean meta with a Kim Jung Un build? Better loadout, but not sure if it’s the best move for the global servers; seemed to not be too effective on the regional circuit.

  29. Better load out, yes. But not as much as they might claim. Honestly, the talk nobody wants to have is strategic nuclear capability because then we’re literally talking about who can wipe out another country quicker. But if their conventional forces and equipment are any reflection of their nuclear arsenal and capabilities, then they have no reason to believe that the use of nuclear weapons would eliminate an “existential threat.”

  30. Oh. Well then. I really need to hunt down all the info like this so I'm not totally in the dark!

  31. They have to be using the same weapon. E.g. if you you have a sniper Springfield they need to have the regular Springfield.

  32. So spamming artillery and rockets on every goddamn city with no fucks given on who or what the target is wasn't using 'every bit of firepower' ??

  33. I doubt nuclear weapons are on the table. This whole invasion hinged on Western/Global apathy. Honestly, it seems like they could not parse their intelligence and disinformation campaigns. They are still operating in the hope that interest won’t stay on Ukraine. Use of nuclear weapons guarantees this won’t be the case.

  34. Haha yes the ol “we achieved all our strategic goals” nonsense. Yeah, I’m sure we’ll be hearing that in May.

  35. Ukraine numbers started looking like propaganda, but every report and estimation for any other source (including leaks from Russian sources) have been validating them. This leak is an almost perfect match (which is impressive, considering the fog of war).

  36. I was skeptical of the numbers too and noticed a similar pattern. But honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers are even higher. I’m not sure how combat casualties are tallied so I could be off. However, Russia has had major logistical and resource issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve lost a lot of their wounded who have made it to medical facilities. If they cannot outfit and maintain their military equipment, I doubt medical supplies are a priority and they probably did not realistically plan for the volume of wounded they are receiving.

  37. This game was awesome! I don't remember any lies tho. I do remember broken shit like the assassin one shoting everything from behind. Just had to jump over people's head and then they were instantly dead!

  38. You see your buddy load in as Aragorn and you immediately select the assassin lol. Yeah, we had to make a rule that you cannot use assassins on hero players for this reason.

  39. This test of the 'Sarmat' ICBM was literally pre-cleared by the Kremlin with the US under the New START treaty, why would anyone "think twice" about a missile they not only knew about, but even had details on the testing of. It doesn't change any of the underlying dynamics of nuclear conflict between the US, Russia, or anyone else. Putin is such a clown lol.

  40. Every time Russia talks about their nuclear weapons, it’s an attempt to draw attention from the fact that their conventional military doesn’t stand a chance against NATO.

  41. Banished knight armor I think. There are a bunch in stormveil you can farm. It’s slow going but you can get the full set. One of the fowl foot items increases drops, pop that and try to kill as many as you can.

  42. That particular worm face killed me so many times. Those three stranded lyndell soldiers nearby got to watch me get eaten or death blighted more times than I care to admit.

  43. This. Bought every BF since BF3 and have months worth of game time on BF4. Played 2042 Beta and didn't buy

  44. Same here, I got really skeptical with the elimination of classes. Then the beta was pretty terrible and I waited for reviews at launch to decide if I’d get it. It’s the first BF game I haven’t bought since Bad Company 2.

  45. Hahaha it 100% depends on what your studying and the library or archive your using. There are a lot of online databases and repositories that offer good stuff (sometimes translated). Finally, inter library loan is an amazing resource, it may seem inconvenient, but sometimes it’s the only (or cheapest) way to get hands on items that are or might contain primary source material.

  46. It’s nice to see that Russian soldiers are frustrated. This will breakdown their morale and resolve. However, these messages are pretty disturbing in that they remind me of the “stab in the back” conspiracy in Weimar Germany and “Mutilated Victory” in interwar Italy.

  47. It’s all they have, Ukraine has destroyed any perception that Russia is a conventional superpower. Even before this they knew war with NATO would be utter devastation. All they have are their nuclear weapons and they are worthless if people don’t think they’re unhinged enough to use them. We’re going to keep hearing about their nuclear weapons likely until Russian military leadership and FSB are able to disentangle their misinformation and intelligence and realize they have more to gain by staging a coup than continuing this war.

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