1. I have a ring worn signed Ric Flair boot that’s worth £300. It’s not gonna be worth millions

  2. Samoa Joe. I’ve loved watching him ever since he was in TNA. I remember watching that reverse ladder match as a kid and being furious when he handed Kurt Angle the belt

  3. "She left me...my son...people that cared about us...I forgive her, but it don't make it any less wrong..."

  4. I remember when I was young, I just beat bleak falls barrow for the first time and was absolutely shitting bricks throughout. Then my brother came in and turned off my console and I was PIIIIISSED. Then I discovered quick save

  5. You can’t skip a game and then not see why you don’t understand a story point

  6. As a character he wasn’t very good. He was just sorta there. Sure, he killed some innocent people but we didn’t know them. Okay he killed Mariana but we don’t know who the one that took the actual shot is. HOWEVER the scene where we bash his skull in? Chefs kiss

  7. Both free but forced to live in a one bedroom studio apartment together for the rest of their lives.

  8. I guess you can say it’s blood or stains or maybe they mixed the reds and whites, idk lol

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