1. i was just about to post this, i’m very concerned about him

  2. there are no proof of that whatsoever

  3. i just checked the og tweet that posted the comment and you’re right, they retracted it, i edited my post

  4. yes because he definitely did that of his own free will

  5. (I have no tea, sorry) but do you think Joshua Bassett will ever talk about his most recent tweet? I prob shouldn’t care that much, BUT I’m still kind of like……?????????????????????????????????

  6. like the other one said he is gonna on tour in march (even tho he hasn’t talked about it since tickets went on sale back in dec) and he’s doing a meet and greet with fans and i have to guess they’re gonna ask him about it

  7. ultra religious and just weird in general, for example, his sister winter is a johnny depp supporter

  8. Heather Morris (Glee) is a former dancer and she claimed Jennifer Lopez once dismissed all Virgo dancers from an audition. I know some of you heard the tea but I thought this is appropriate for this thread in case someone missed it.

  9. speaking of heather morris, i literally just saw on twitter she auditioned to be in S4 of hsmtmts an didn’t get the part lol

  10. lol i remember watching her sing and thinking “who is this kid?” i didn’t remember her at all

  11. i’m also going to caesar but tomorrow but yeah the weather is awful, sorry you have to be out in all of this

  12. nationally the bachelor is number 1 lol

  13. I think it's a blessing in disguise. After that shitty Ana Delvy biopic I wouldn't want her to be part of this. It was almost assuredly going to be a total shit show. Having the subject of your biopic so heavily involved already dilutes the product (Bohemian Rhapsody anyone?) having Madonna not only write the script but directing would've been a disaster. imo she dodged a bullet, don't need that box office bomb on her imdb.

  14. i mean that’s not true because rocketman

  15. all i’m saying is keep a eye out for sofia wyile (hsmtmts and the school for good and evil) because she’s definitely going places

  16. Also, Janelle Monae got left out, although I'm not sure if anyone expected her to show up.

  17. wouldn’t she be in supporting anyways?

  18. as someone who who watched good mourning twice (both for pete davidson) seeing their absolute hate for it is kinda hilarious

  19. there was super blurry pic someone took of him eating with friends last week and that’s the only proof of life that we got in the last 3 weeks

  20. Not super famous, but I once received a death threat on Reddit for putting Sarah Sherman last in my ranking of the current SNL cast, among other incredibly disproportionate comments.

  21. i’m obviously not gonna send you a death threat but sarah last? why

  22. There's police violence all the time, why would this time be any different

  23. i remember Joshua Bassett talking about listening to Lauryn Hill and ngl that shocked me a bit

  24. because i didn’t really expect a white boy that grow up in a church to listen to lauryn hill lol

  25. i was waiting for someone to post this, i was gonna do it but it was taking me too long to write a comment explaining everything because there is so much

  26. https://twitter.com/milkievich/status/1615856990408028160?s=46&t=7CC074pLzRZ_SZHLPT7LkA

  27. I see this argument a lot, especially in regards to Sam Smith or Ezra Miller. People justify misgendering them because they're problematic or controversial or whatever while failing to acknowledge that this is precisely the kind of behaviour that normalizes and perpetuates transphobia.

  28. exactly, if you don’t use someone’s correct pronouns if you don’t like them how can i trust you to use them for people that you do like

  29. i feel so bad for her mom and daughter, i hope they’re doing alright

  30. this is Sabrina Carpenter btw (with Dixie D'amelio)

  31. Wow - do you think Sabrina would do it? I thought maybe she might be a little too big for dwts…

  32. well if she’s a fan of the show i don’t see why not, i would say Normani was the same level of fame when she went on the show

  33. as a regular user of JB stan twitter (and the one who posted the OG messages here) it’s been complete radio silence since that post from him

  34. The guy admits to abusing alcohol and by default admitting he did some stupid shit but it still doesn’t have any consequences. People even started shipping him and Jen again as if he didn’t humiliate her. I mean how is that possible?!

  35. i mean just being a alcoholic by itself isn’t a crime, it’s the abusing his wife and kids part

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