Ocasio-Cortez says conservative justices lied under oath, should be impeached

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Supreme Court Rules Against New York's Gun Permit Law

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  1. Flores has the second most utility clear in the game, which is hampered by his weaker gun and secondary gadgets. The biggest challenge with flores is learning the positioning to take out mute jammers, and that he struggles to get kaid claws if they are positioned correctly. Thatcher may seem like the better choice a lot of the time, but Flores has the advantage where he can get free intel as well as take out stuff like deployable shields, and is immune to ADS

  2. The small amount of peekers advantage won’t help if they can’t even see you

  3. Black ice skins are no more rare than any other purple skin. It’s just the most desirable skin from the alpha packs. If the monty skin was legendary, then it is as rare as any other legendary skin.

  4. False. The green stormtrooper in Empire Strikes Back could fly, thought they didn't actually showcase this ability until the 3rd Star Wars movie. Though technically it's the 8th movie, due to the greed of that nebulous toad, George Lucas, who decided to make the prequels and then sold Lucas film to Disney, allowing them to create Solo and Rouge One.

  5. Wrong, fact check false. Stormtroopers were unable to fly until our lovable sequel cast said “They fly now” three times in a row

  6. Lol, every single politician right now would be banned.

  7. What makes more sense: promoting someone that does almost the work of two people on average or someone who does just above the average amount of work? In one scenario you have to hire two people to get productivity to where it was, most likely leading to an increase in payroll, in the other you can feasibly hire one person to do his job with a slight hit in productivity.

  8. That’s just wrong, if you promote the average worker instead of the hard worker. The average worker does a bad job and can’t handle the new responsibilities, and the hard worker will become demotivated or quit due to frustration. You clearly have no idea how incentives work, and are most definitely under 18

  9. jck says:

    This is a great point. Whenever I see a suicide trigger warning it almost spoils the episode for me. However, it's a small price to pay for protecting the real people out there who would be hurt by it.

  10. Why does there have to be a price to pay? Why not just add an option to turn them off so the people who need them can leave it on?

  11. I hope you’ll find some way to get over this fictional media upsetting you.

  12. I hope you’ll find some way to stop being passive aggressive at people who want a simple on/off switch

  13. Hell is when annoying sibling during birthday party

  14. The proper way to say it is that money has diminishing returns on happiness. Someone making $120k a year is a lot happier than someone making $50k. But someone making $5 million might only be marginally happier than someone making $700k

  15. No, Electric barbed wire has no practical use that would make you want to use it over something else. Don’t use it

  16. Because the people we lost to in Afghanistan are extremist groups with zero concern over the Ukraine war

  17. Ash is only useful for her r4c and 3 speed rating. If you are going to use the G36C, Iana is the better choice in every aspect

  18. Jackal and Caveira don’t have direct counters, and require good teamwork and callouts in order to beat effectively. Jackal in particular is banned in Unranked because most people want to have fun and go roam, and dealing with Jackal makes that annoying

  19. No, the human eye can’t actually see more than 3.141592653 frames per second, anything higher is just placebo /s.

  20. Yes, guidelines, nothing about precedent means “set in stone” or “settled law”

  21. I agree with AOC, impeachment, even without conviction, further shatters the illusion of legitimacy of SCOTUS. The Constitution is not perfect, and the extreme right is exploiting the flaws.

  22. Well, I view lying to Congress in your confirmation a pretty serious matter.

  23. Lmao did you even read the fact check I linked

  24. Can someone explain how this got overturned under Joe Biden’s democratic government? (Sry I’m bad with politics)

  25. Supreme court justices are nominated by the POTUS and then confirmed onto the court by the Senate with a vote. Once confirmed, they can serve a lifetime appointment, or serve until they feel like retiring. Trump was lucky to have three Supreme Court openings during his term and nominated and had confirmed three conservative leaning justices. Right now, there are 6 conservative leaning, and 3 liberal leaning justices on the SC. The only way Biden can change this is to attempt to start a movement to pack the court, where more justice slots would be created that he would be able to fill. The move is considered to be mostly unpopular and would not be good for his already low approval ratings.

  26. This seems like a fucked up stupid process, a lifetime appointment? Now is that democracy?

  27. Because the Supreme court was designed without political parties in mind. SC justices are ideally supposed to put their biases aside and vote on cases only with their relation to the Constitution. Also, they are determined by the president and Senate, which are elected democratically. In the case they ruled on they determined that Abortion is not specifically a protected right under the Constitution, but left it open to federal and state legislators to make their own decision on the issue. If the federal government made a law protecting abortion, the SC would not strike it down

  28. Ever justice that lied to congress about Roe vs Wade being settled law should be impeached

  29. None of them called it settled law. They called it “precedent” there’s no solid basis for impeachment.

  30. they said it's settled law, saying this case unsettled that is a perfectly valid defense.

  31. They never used the term “settled law”. If you’ve seen the full quotes you would know that

  32. But then by that logic, all gun legislation is unconstitutional! Which I’m sure some people certainly do feel that way but damn it seems like a risky idea lol. I do agree with your second part though. Thank you for having a respectful conversation about this topic :)

  33. Basically, NY has a special permit for concealed carry that requires a “special reason” beyond that of the general public in order to carry a gun in a public place. Over 99% of permits were regularly denied because the “special reason” was not good enough, and there was no fair appeals process to challenge a denial. The only easy way to get the permit was to have connections with the licensing officer, which lead to a lot of corruption and the government arbitrarily picking and choosing who was allowed to have a gun in public. The decision rightfully called this process unconstitutional, and ruled that states can only deny concealed carry if there is a good reason to (ex. convicted felon, mental health issues etc.). It is specifically mentioned that this does not prohibit laws that prevent guns in sensitive areas such as government buildings. Personally I think this ruling is very reasonable and puts a stop to a lot of corruption in the licensing process and allows non wealthy people to exercise their 2nd amendment right.

  34. My issue is less with guns specifically and more with what I perceive to be hypocrisy in SCOTUS rulings regarding states’ rights. While I can recognize that this ruling would make cc permits more accessible, it doesn’t change my perspective that this is SCOTUS inconsistently undermining state law which imo is a slippery slope.

  35. I agree that They’ve definitely have been hypocritical. Political parties and the Supreme Court are two things that don’t mix.

  36. I mainly meant fiat currencies are used for crime and stocks are the same difference as ponzi schemes with how over priced most are based on earnings.

  37. But fiat currencies are regulated and have protections against scams and such. If someone steals your bitcoin, you’re going to have a lot more trouble getting it back than if they stole USD

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