1. Snowstorms. There needs to be at least one unexpected snowstorm, with your MC having to shelter in a less than ideal place.

  2. Depends on what they choose to do, and which Flash it is we're talking about - as there's been at least three different guys using the Flash moniker in current DC canon. But regardless of the matter, the other two could stop the rogue one, though there'd be damage before they succeed.

  3. If you write something you're not interested in, people will be able to tell. You won't have any success if you force yourself to write litrpg.

  4. If "TB" is tuberculosis, then your character will over time infect other people... and there's no cures anymore. Congrats, you survived the apocalypse only to die a slow, agonizing, suffocating, blood-spitting death some years later.

  5. Figure out what kind of story you're telling first, then invent the world around it.

  6. There's no list of self-published writers, because there's still a lot of prejudice against self-publishing - lots of people think a self-pubbed work is automatically lower quality.

  7. No, it's not about the quality of your work.

  8. When the beginning bores/annoys me, I flip to a random page in the middle and check if it's any more interesting. If it isn't, I try again at another random middle point and a random end point. If it's still boring, it's clearly not for me.

  9. Take a lot of notes so that you don't forget anything.

  10. You can totally write that. You can even publish that.

  11. All of those are viable options. Which to choose depends on the character and the story. There's no one correct answer that fits all characters and all stories.

  12. Yup, you'll be called a racist and get cancelled. Use a pseudonym.

  13. You could try writing short stories for a while. That requires less planning and less patience AND it is good practice.

  14. I mean, what's your plot? What do you intend to do with your novel?

  15. Half of my family is german and I read it in the original so I think I do know and understand the social and cultural context. It's also not changed as much as you may think... it's pretty clear that what he criticises is still relevant today

  16. I didnt tell you because it wasnt the purpose of this post. I didnt want to brag about my "skills" I just wanted to know if people understood it as well as I did... and I also didnt tell you because that would take me a huge amount of time, which I honestly would rather spend doing something useful

  17. Okay, so you're a braggart AND a liar. Got it.

  18. I think due to Superman's character, he's the last one anyone would suspect or be worried about doing that sort of thing

  19. This. They know he's not secretly looking at anyone's tits. It's not an issue.

  20. You could copy-paste excerpts on reddit. I was willing to take a look, but I sure as fuck am not downloading who knows what from some shady website.

  21. Unfortunately copy-pasting to reddit is a bust -- the formatting gets completely hosed. But you can now click on the link next to the episode title to read it without downloading.

  22. Okay, I've read a few pages. Milk imported from the future is a fun concept!

  23. Never thought the issue was not enough Nightwing butt, but I think we may have found the answer.

  24. More Nightwing butt is almost always the answer. There are very very few situations that can't be improved by that ass.

  25. Baby gets magically frozen after birth, is unfrozen in the modern age when some archeologist or whatever finds the place the magic baby was stored. Archeologist or whoever doesn't realize it's a magic baby that was frozen 1000+ years, thinks it's just some random abandoned baby.

  26. Advancement is not a function that guarantees x achievement as a function of time. It happens more or less spontaneously when certain conditions are present, (i.e metallurgy and industry).

  27. One theory is that, because the people in America failed to domesticate horses before they went extinct, they couldn't progress to the next stage.

  28. Are you saying that if America wasn't discovered, there might have been horse-sized dogs, that people could use as mounts?

  29. Not at this point in time, no. But in another 100 000 years? Sure, maybe. Dogs already have an impressive range of sizes and jobs after only between 8 000 and 10 000 years of domestication.

  30. Technically Alfred hands him the costume because there was an emergency.

  31. Wasn't it also Alfred who gave the Robin suit to Tim to go rescue Batman and Nightwing?

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