1. He had cut enough of it so as to prevent compression. Could have been ugly if that was a m100

  2. It's a battery, not a firecracker

  3. It is hard to accept being strong armed into having a substance injected into your body. I agree it’s a hard pill to swallow. But when it comes to viruses, it’s the correct thing to do. If you believe otherwise then that is your right to refuse it. But if you think the vaccine is about anything other than keeping people alive, then it’s my right to take solace in the reality that your time is short. It’s comforting and morbid simultaneously. Masks do nothing except protect others, which should be notable to a rational individual.

  4. What a magnificent plecostolimbus cloud

  5. I agree, I would expect the same thing. But, in this particular case, I’m having doubts.

  6. Somehow, that white dude at the end looked like how I imagine most of the commanding officers under Vader look like most of the time.

  7. Reality is, no matter how old you are; the earlier you start contributing to your retirement the more you will have when you can no longer work. Another way to look at it is, the older a persons retirement fund is then the longer that fund will have to reinvest dividends and returns back into itself.

  8. Can I ask; how old is he and is that a summer or winter coat?

  9. I forgot the sarcasm right after the sarcasm then. I never get it right. But that’s is fucked up, that you can be sure of.

  10. I first assumed you just don’t have a very good English. But then I realized according to yourself you are probably an American. So my next guess is: are you high on helium? We won’t judge, just curious.

  11. Its fucking human decency, wtf is wrong with you? You must be one of those people who get trained to pick fights with people who aren’t

  12. LOL nice one. If you can sell it in person that kind of humor gets straight under the skin. Works well on the ex

  13. According to Excel, always assume every number should be formatted to 2 decimal places. And that means for fucking Ever.

  14. Or just randomly convert to a date. Pi? March 14th it is

  15. How about how to make calculations like adding 3 days to a date then you have to actually specify the value of 3 as a date. Because one is a number, so naturally of course that doesn’t fly.

  16. Oh my god that upper hip will sing for a while.

  17. If only it could have ended somehow with the one where he called a reporter a fucking idiot

  18. What makes me nervous, is I know how many bolts holds that on the wing. If that engine is the one I think, it has three bolts holding it to the wing

  19. Personally, I would rather see the thing tear itself loose and fly away like a balloon farting away with a smoke trail.

  20. Kinda looks like it’s making something of a contribution though

  21. Well, to be fair, the steel oven requires a certain finesse.

  22. A steel oven that makes delicious ribs snappy fast

  23. Those would really make a flowmaster cat back exhaust display pop

  24. That things mouth should be made extra deep so after you are done using it then it’s more realistic about how much shit comes out of that man’s mouth

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