1. Unlike most people here started coding before adulthood, I started when I was 28. Now, 3 years later and after coding websites for clients as a freelancer, I started my own business providing web development services as I wanted to path towards entrepreneurship. Takeaway: there is no one chasing you, take your time and do it at your own pace and don't compare yourself to others

  2. Thank you my friend. I’m 29. I have a lot of pressure on me I feel like I have to succeed. No one to rely on if I don’t make it. Feel like it’s my duty to accomplish grand goals in life while also being independent and stable enough. The dreamer in can’t help but dream big. But stability and reality are always obstacles to conquer. Hell can’t even get love in this world unless you have financial stability. Which in my world I think is wrong.

  3. I feel you brother, I also had no one to rely on which was very depressing at times and people questioning my decisions as abnormal, I feel you. But honestly this was a blessing in disguise because you'll be the sole successor of your actions when success comes. You can then give yourself all the credits

  4. Ngl I have no idea what your jokes means lol but thank you. May we both make our dreams come true.

  5. bro i literally just joined and saw your post that's the only reason

  6. Yeah using more than 1 form of social media is hard work. Also I didn't realise the comment section was where people made friends these days, how times have changed.

  7. Lmaoo where else. I love meeting ppl off common interests and discussions. I don’t like the superficial hi, hello convos.

  8. Symbolism isn’t hard enough for proof. You can link anything to symbolism.

  9. Well I’m grown so I don’t take things to heart. And also I know in my heart that I’m not”easy to get” necessarily and I think that’s why he was frustrated and gave up. I think I’m more upset that I decided to give him a chance because of my feelings (I did it in a sleuth manner) I saved myself from the embarrassment but I’m still hurting. Because I still allowed myself to fall for pretty words. I need to be better going forward these things teach us valuable lessons I suppose.

  10. Ya and it happens. Most ppl aren’t what they seem or say. Words are empty to most ppl these days.

  11. No problem. Thank you for receiving the criticism well. As an intp I feel like most ppl take things wrong when I try being real.

  12. Lol Iv found my self somehow heading towards this.

  13. Have you actually researched major religions ? Iv very into religious and spiritual research. I’m personally Muslim as it makes the most sense to me.

  14. I hate a lot of intps we are not all the same. There’s many of us who only understand numbers and think inside the box who are a disgrace to us imo.

  15. I end up saying everything or nothing lol

  16. Same reason the best beaches one can find are the ones that nobody knows about. The greatest things on Earth, including experiences, all relate with one another in that way. In our loneliness we learn to be better partners to our self. We learn to be our own advocate, therapist, mother, father, best friend, cheerleader, etc, etc.

  17. You need god. Gods mercy is beyond us. The connection comes from diving deep to your inner self and being honest .

  18. It’s not spirituality if you need drugs

  19. My problem with enfps is that y’all be on everyone’s team.

  20. That’s a hot combo and your friend is an infp? What are they ?

  21. You mean again MUI cuz individually fk no

  22. How does your ult do that much damage. My gogetas ult hit for like 30-40 percent max.

  23. I cannot stand playing ppl who play like p***sies. Like they just play to have me make mistakes and counter only. It’s so cringe playing like that.

  24. How do you get awakening z power for red vegito? I need him as a support

  25. You can get z power for him Not currently But when his riding battle event come back

  26. You should put in your red vegito and blue gogeta zenkais in for the green gogeta and red gogeta. Also put in the purple gogeta as your last support.

  27. Use Zenkai SV, G4. Zenkai VB, Yellow Gotenks and any other good bench unit

  28. I’m pretty emotional deep down and spiritual. I also look down on those who lack moral values and have no belief in god. Those who believe in only what they can see are the lowest tiers of humanity.

  29. Why they Always nerfing dribbling just nerf left/ right

  30. Androids are better than him. I would say he's not better than ultra gogeta due to gogeta's better unique gauge, blast armor, and especially locking in and neutralizing at same time. He's in my opinion the 3rd best unit in the game. UI and SS3 are still insane.

  31. Vegito is way better. I have both.

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