1. G7 is better than the kraber but y’all ain’t ready for that conversation yet

  2. The damage catalog is way larger and is a more versatile weapon. Plus you can ape people with it

  3. It is. Luckily my mic audio isn’t included so y’all can’t hear me lose my shit lmao

  4. Pumping children full of foreign horomones when they don’t know any better for themselves

  5. Keep wearing them, but explain that she makes no sense

  6. You should try one based off of the broseidon skin

  7. fr? I’ve heard abt it ALL over Reddit, but my Xbox 1 lets me play without a problem

  8. It’s the series x/s ones having issues. I have the Xbox one s so I’m not having any real issues aside from lobas tactical

  9. Honestly a pretty solid gun this season. Slap some hammer point rounds on it and it shreds a cracked enemy.

  10. I main wattson and I bought it. It’s not a bad heirloom tbh

  11. It still is very strong. One bullet does the same damage as a spitfire bullet, plus hammerpoints on it is still good

  12. I got through most of silver day one of the split. I’m half through silver 1 now

  13. I’d rather not. Am still unhappy about all that

  14. This is a very logical way to look at it. I will however insist you that you quit vaping. No nicotine is a plus but you’re still demolishing your lungs

  15. No argument there lol, also the money I'm spending on juice would be nice to save.

  16. I’ve saved a fortune tbh. It’s so worth it

  17. It stays on your record so insurance companies can charge you more and employers will not give you a company vehicle

  18. I got my 3k on a random pick because I was high af

  19. Get a job and start saving. Kids ain’t cheap

  20. It's when playing with friends on pc and PS... But also I usually have quite funny team mates, except for hot dropping wannabe try hard that die after doing 20 damage and then screaming at me 😂

  21. I had one funny ps teammate one time, he was freestyling to the most obscure beat I had heard at the time and it actually went kinda hard for how wild that shit was

  22. Gee I wonder what their political affiliation is

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