Why you should Undervolt your GPU.

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  1. Seriously, Ive been asking myself whether its just poorly programmed minesweeper but is this supposed to be a game of luck at the end stage?

  2. I feel there is usually 1-2 50/50s per each map

  3. It looks like your Encoder cant keep up and its causing you to drop frames. I bet it only happens when there is alot going on right?

  4. Yep exactly that. As you can see in the clip when a lot starts happening it starts skipping frames… would lowering the output resolution to 720p help w that?

  5. It could help, but you might not have too. whats your full streaming settings

  6. I’m out right now and won’t be home till later… what settings do you need? Maybe i remember…

  7. a2442 m1 macbook pro user here (dual booted with arch linux) i mostly use my mac pro for coding, working from cafe with my gf, working on cars, using to pull up guides on fourms ect.

  8. My budget is around 1k so for that budget I feel like a Macbook would for sure be better

  9. you need to tell us exactly what software/work/classes you will be using your pc for. with out this info we cant really help you. the only reason i have a m1 pro is because i got this laptop used. i mostly do text based stuff. (vs code, internet, terminal, ect)

  10. I will mostly be using it for school but on the side I will be doing some photography/video editing and maybe some 3D modeling as I’m trying to get into that but not much of that…

  11. Are there any other sights you would recommend for renewed other than Apple?

  12. Are there any other sights you would recommend for refurbished other than Apple?

  13. I’ve been looking at Backmarket before and some people say it can be bad and some say it’s good… have you hear anything about OWC before? I’ve heard very good thing about Mac upgrade kits from them but never refurbished macbooks

  14. I recently realized there is a change name feature and I’m trying to use my 1 free change but it is saying “Xenvez” is an invalid name… does anyone know why? It isn’t an inappropriate name and I don’t see anything in it that could be classified as inappropriate.

  15. Ditto for me as i still haven’t got one🙂

  16. Yea i was honestly so surprised when I saw the Ditto animation as it’s my second ever and then it was shiny. Still in awe of it…

  17. The Walter Jr cycle, eat breakfast, complain, repeat

  18. Just ordered these keycaps! How do you like them so far? It will be my first ASA set coming from only Cherry sets and idk how big of a change it’ll be

  19. Do they fit in the alu plate? I do not have a polycarb one.

  20. Can confirm they do fit. I got screw in Durock V2s and they fit in but very very snugly

  21. I like the twin cities in the background of the second screen

  22. Can u provide the link for the wallpaper ?

  23. I decided to make a icon pack after a couple others commented asking for them also. You can see it

  24. I decided to make a icon pack after a couple others commented asking for them also. You can see it

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