1. Nice art! Magnolia was a great character especially the Tiz rescue scene it made little to no sense for her character to suddenly beat the crap outta the science team. Man Bravely Second was such a underrated gem. Its not without its problems of course but it definitely didnt deserve to be thrown under the bus by Sqaure

  2. I think the same way...Bravely Default~Second are two really great games and deserve more, maybe a Bravely Third.

  3. The issue with Bravely Default was that it was fine for the first world jump but then it got extremely boring when you got to rematch all the bosses up to 6 times each (for 100% Boss journal) and that was just so tedious not to mention that theres also the damn Boss Gauntlet which is pain

  4. It hurts to know that Toyama Asaso apologized for Bravely Second which still grinds my gears since now yet it had some of the best add ons from the original game. It will be hard to find anyone in the community that can say that the new classes were nothing but great Wizard and Bishop brought really cool ideas to the table being the early game replacements to Black and White Mage! New replacement for Salve Maker in Patissier, the amazing additions of Hawkeye and Fencer creating a new badass build in combining them. Not to mention Exocist, Guardian and Kaiser. Also bringing life into the Eterian Knights (The Four Squadrons not the actual Eterian Knights btw) i was a little sad to see the removal of Anarchist and Spiritbringer but i could live without them. I completely forgot about Yokai and the Ba'als! While yes the Ba'als were mostly fought as optimal Moon rebuild bosses they were still fun and interesting bosses. In conclusion Bravely Second is definitely my favorite with Bravely Default 2 being second. I enjoyed Bravely Default 1 till the whole worlds gimmick that really brought down my enjoyment.

  5. Try it. Someone will probably buy it if they’re a fan of the game itself. But as for “profit,” well that depends on what you bought/sold the original game for. I doubt it’ll be a profit.

  6. It came with an Artbook and Music CD with the game

  7. Ok. As much as that’s more info it doesn’t really change the overall situation, my comment still stands. You may find someone who will offer enough to turn it into a profit, you may not.

  8. Okay all good I was only wanting like 10 bucks

  9. My fave is Raichu. Het gets ignored because of Pikachu.

  10. Nobody talks about or likes Conkeldurr because they usually think he's ugly, but I like to train Fighting types specifically, and I saw Conkeldurr as this loveable working-class grandmaster with tons of brasstacks wisdom. In my Sword playthrough, I made Conkeldurr into my de facto starter Pokémon and relied on him to come in and finish off any battles that got too tough for me with a powerful Hammer Arm. He's a loveable badass imo

  11. Yes and no you are getting the actual Dragon Quest game but if its a legitimate copy is a weird middle ground most copies of games coming from Ebay arent the (Official Versions) of said game but is very much still the same game nonetheless. Unless you go to a professional who looks at games most people wouldn't know this stuff.

  12. You can continue, do not reset. Something will happen and you still can become a soldier

  13. Oof i already resetted i didnt know what to do and panicked.

  14. Yikes lol I think you just need to talk to Carver or the Rusty Blade guy and you can continue normally

  15. Nah its fine its early enough in the game that isnt not an issue

  16. If we are including both version of Blitzball as one I definitely agree but as for FFX and only FFX its definitely worth it Wakka is an extremely overpowered character in the game and doing Blitzball feels like a slight oversight

  17. When you say Sin final phase, you mean when it's opening their mouth?

  18. That's really interesting since at that point they should be available to get I know some overdrives weren't set to be used at certain points since you shouldn't have the aeon at that point. A good example is if you use Ifrit on the S. S. Liki the game locks because that shouldn't be possible

  19. I tested it with the other Aeons it doesn't show the animations at all so that's cool also Yojimbo Zanmato you would think would show Animation since there's no moving of models. PS i should add the Vid next time

  20. This always has and likely always will be one of my favourite games I own several versions of it and have replayed it a ton, but I seriously doubt I will ever get Lulu's sigil in my lifetime. It's the one and only thing I skip every time.

  21. I'd pay someonw to do it for me hands down

  22. Are you making sure to super missile the cover? Ensure that it's actually broken, then change angle/distance from the target if you still can't activate it with the wave beam.

  23. Dumb Question i just got the Super Bomb and i ran out do regulars drop it or do i need to find a Missle Stocking Room

  24. regular creatures can drop power bomb ammo, but it's pretty rare. Your best bet is to try and find an ammo station or kill the drones in the EMMI zones.

  25. Oh sorry i meant for Metroid Prime haha.

  26. No, you can't do the Dark Aeons or even really a lot of the Arena creations. BFA takes a huge amount of precision and RNG to the point that to my knowledge only two people have been documented doing it legitimately.

  27. Alot of people have mentioned BFA being super RNG based and I'm getting near him pretty soon just defeated Seymour Flux so only really Yunelesca and Sin are in my way since Seynour Omnis had never been a challenge to me even with all these limitations i doubt Omnis will oppose me too much.

  28. If you can do it, by all means go for it and record. Would be nice to add a third name to that list. But the last few fights can be pretty rough. Hope you have the Curative Targe, Blessed Ring/Bracer, and Survivor for Yunalesca. It requires a very specific way of dealing with her mechanics and swapping regularly between party members, but damn is it fun. Sin fights are rough too, but I like Yunalesca more overall due to the way the fight ends up playing out with her different phases. It's like a raid boss.

  29. I spent easily 12 hours trying to kill BFA man's a pain in the ass

  30. I have been to Gifu before it was a very nice place to sightsee very beautiful place to visit in your lifetime i went to the Nagaragawa Onsen which is this very soothing Hot Spring. I ventured through Gifu Park and hiked up Mount Kinka the beautiful inside of the Gifu Castle is beautiful. Once known as Inabayama Castle before Oda's Conquer of the Saitō clan.

  31. We just gotta hope it comes in the Additional Scenarios or something else that wasnt revealed yet

  32. As someone who never really was into the Dynasty Warriors/Orochi this game i really enjoy alot it might be in part that i was always into the Sengoku Period when i was a youngin but i degress this game is very fun with only a few minor flaws. One of which is cloned Movesets with the only difference being their final Ultimates but other than that the games pretty on point with Story Music Gameplay

  33. I probably realistically would have brushed this aside if i saw news for the game a year ago if it wasnt for one game in particular. Pokemon Conquest for the Nintendo DS the forgotten Pokemon Spinoff. That game cemented all love to the Sengoku Era even if it barely tried to connect at all to its real life counterparts

  34. he is not the villain he's just one of the schemers

  35. Mitsuhide is the villain here, a traitor, oath broker.

  36. He's not even evil in that since Nobunaga broke oath with Nagamasa that he wouldnt attack the Azai-Asakura so the two are pretty equal while Sandayu orchestrated Tokugawa and Sena to ally with Katsuyori Takeda and get her killed over it just to spite Ieyasu. Not to mention Sandayu also set the Temple on fire to angry the enemies. He probably also gave the Honganji the idea to hire Magochi to assassinate Nobunaga but that would be too headcanonny. Mitsuhide sure he did kill Oda because in his eyes he saw Oda as the Scourge on the world. Plus in reality Mitsuhide died 15 minutes after killing Oda, killed by Peasants with Bamboo Staffs. Tale as old as time.

  37. Ahhhh you're in Citadel Mode you cant use Items in there.

  38. Go to the equipment page, change equipment and its there for you to see Weapon, Ultimate Skill, Items and Mount

  39. Depends on how handy you are with the bosses. I cleared it in 15 in-game hours but Steam says I spent 25 so I spent 10 hours dying evidently. I'm definitely on the high end though, shouldn't take you more than 20 hours if you don't have the reaction speed of a rock and you don't plan to grind that much.

  40. Im like 7 hours in. 7:35 to be exact

  41. Nice. Have a great time! I recently discovered Ys and Oath in Felghana has since entered into my top 10 list of videogames.

  42. I can say with a shadow of a doubt no Ys games have made it into my top 10 mostly because I've played so many games however they may not be in my top 10 but they may go into my will replay many times folder aka like 20 games have ever made it into that folder

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