1. For some reason this question has me lingering on Viva La Dirt League right now.

  2. Lmao, I just started sitting through the NPC D&D campaign, Rowan is far and away the funniest character pretty much everything those guys do.

  3. Aa a guy at 5'8", I dated a girl that was 3'8", and a girl that was 6'6" after that.

  4. I'm traditional. "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood."

  5. My buddy showed up. Tried selling drugs to all the college kids. Kept getting eye rolls and heavy discomfort.

  6. I once worked at a call center with high turnaround rates. Called myself in dead on four separate occasions.

  7. Don't write it off before you reach out. We know nothing about the guy, but he could be in the same boat as you wondering why you didn't want to reach out either.

  8. "Hey [name], I had a good time on our date last week. I'm sorry I haven't messaged sooner, it was busier that I was expecting. Should we [insert plan suggestion for next time you're free to give him a specific window to work with]?"

  9. Hazard lights on. Turn off the ignition. Start applying the E brake while maintaining control.

  10. Careful with that, don't want to have a steering lock.

  11. True, thing to be careful of for some and didn't take that into account. Used to older vehicles where the power steering goes off but the steering didn't lock.

  12. I dunno if it counts but it's a serious answer. Intended to be at least.

  13. "A couple months back.. we started hanging out as a group.. flirting while hanging out.. now 3 weeks passed.."

  14. "I'm 116. Can you just finish it already..? 🤬"

  15. It sounds like you're experiencing a heavy hangover for the first time in your life.

  16. We don't hang out anymore, but kept in touch. I'm a domesticated feral now.

  17. The scene in Upgrade the first time he gives STEM full control.

  18. There's no difference between JFM and any other hair dye. It comes with a little beard brush, that's about it.

  19. "Some hair colors, (like Just For Men, Clairol’s Loving Care, and L’Oreal Natural Match, to name a few) do NOT use this two stage bleaching process. They use a single stage process that does not lighten you hair – it only adds dye on top of your existing natural hair color. So if you have a mixture of grey hairs and dark hairs, the grey hairs will pick up the new color but the dark hairs won’t. That’s how Just For Men can say that they only work on grey hair. "

  20. Lol, the branding can list off whatever it wants to. I've used near every brand you've mentioned and several others. Cheap dyes will wash out a few weeks faster, lose a lot of pigment and shift shades throughout, and won't be as accurate when you first dye them as what you look at on the box. Regardless of brand.

  21. I mean, God of War already went waaaaaay past that though. 🤔

  22. My family has A LOT REALLY From little dummy fights to an aunt and uncle of mine that had in incestuous relationship and she payed people to try killing him multiple times.

  23. Yeah, he's done a lot worse... if I can call it that

  24. Haha yeah it was! I used to see them everytime they came to Chicago. They always put on some of the best shows I've ever seen

  25. Fuck, now I'm jealous. Lol. I missed out. Just footage. 😭

  26. What the *%^ is this? So like you are hard, and erect, but you can bend it? Then if you release it bounces back? I have so many questions right now?

  27. Ahahaha, that's how I first found out actually. 😂 She went up too far and came down too fast. And my buddy had actually broken his dick with his GF at the time doing that maybe 3 weeks prior.

  28. Just yesterday my secret underground massive cave was completed, so there's that.

  29. I think if we pool our resources we're heading in the right direction. 🤔

  30. Well I'm skint after the cave, so I need transport, gear, and weapons.

  31. Definitely a weird one lol. But kinda makes sense it wouldn’t last if she was willing to leave her guy for you. With or without his blessing.

  32. Lol, that was the weirdest bit. She told him she was happy to stay with and faithful to him.

  33. Haha, he's a pretty solid dude. He's fucking crazy. But you could always count on him.

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