1. giorno got so sick of this mafia bullshit that he turned himself into an elf to inhabit the middle-earth (nel Umbria)

  2. it would actually be a really good idea. most tatoo artists are recruited firstly for their technical skills and this one nailed it

  3. i love movies on traders. I love when these hubris driven motherfuckers gets driven to their demise. They are the closest thing we have to an irl cartoon villain

  4. don't listen to the snail you'll get diabetes

  5. good post, you may not be obliterated

  6. ai vu une pub en ville pour canal +

  7. Je trouve ça vlà cool :) surtout l'enchainement avec le gros plan de la case 6. En vrai je pense que tu aimerais bien la bd "l'art invisible" de Scott McCloud. C'est un livre qui étudie la BD, le manga et la théorie autour, et il y a un chapitre dédié aux "ellipses" entre les cases et aux manières de les cadrer, et ça devrais t'intéresser (c'est assez touffu néanmoins mais c'est très intéressant si tu veux t'embarquer dans le milieu du dessin etc.).

  8. I think I'll have to give you a shout out or smthg Idk you should be proud of your commitment

  9. beaucoup d'incels qui prennent la poussière dans les caves selon moi

  10. Yay u ouoigoupipihouoiouioihohohouououoioihoihohoohjojohhojojojhoohjouohohhihohojojojojojhoojhojohjoihouoioioihohohoohhojojohojhohohoohjohojhojohjoio youHi

  11. she looks very much like mine ! very cute


  13. "Idk so much about your child bc I played le football sorry"

  14. The witch of mercury is pretty good. Never watched anything gundam related before. Now I understand

  15. Never understood why reddit was so pro protesters and anti - raising the age limit.

  16. One of the major outrage about this reform is that, by the age they hit 65, a large quantity of workers will already be either dead, or soon to be, meaning they contributed for nothing. Plus, someone with a body damaged and exhausted by years of physical work will be more prone to injury

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