1. I have gotten better with it during my 5 months since this comment. Happy diving! Lol

  2. I also own HYMC, mainly to support AMC and to buy gold and silver direct from HYMC.

  3. Exactly. If the Mine does well so does AMC. Not to mention Gold/Silver has been proven a great investment during economic downtime.

  4. Why should everyone have to wait 5 minutes because 1 person has issues.....

  5. Because it's fair and literally how every other game works? Game starts at the same time for everyone on every other title I can think of...

  6. People with better consoles shouldn't have to wait for your obsolete last gen that dosent work properly

  7. So fuck everyone that plays last gen? Seen the state of the world? Not everyone can afford to upgrade.

  8. Only way to know is to try it. Not ideal but you could always add some lighter colors to brighten it up.

  9. Look at all that lead paint to grind up and snort!

  10. Gonna have to disagree, Grevious had a large collection of sabers and wount have been carrying them all on his person. That was like his thing, collecting sabers, I'd be surprised if he only had 4.

  11. On the contrary he looks incredibly hot and dry. He'd light up real quick.

  12. I know it sucks but its probably not what you think, and but as an old gen console player it happens all the time where the match is 5-10 min in before I can even see my screen/move my character. PC though has no excuse. I've made posts about it but it seems to be an "only console plebs" thing so noone here seems to care.

  13. I recommend trying all the revolvers and seeing which one feels best to you. I am rather fond of the Pax.

  14. Me and my mate call it a Snake n' Bake.

  15. Arther, I have the deepest connection to due to portrayal of raw emotion and the incredible depth of his story. That said having played the 1st game I've gained a newfound respect/hatred for all the listed characters.

  16. The third one is totally an Elephant wearing a Hat.

  17. Flares and the Flare Gun 1-Shot Armoreds and Wired Armoreds

  18. I want to see the "Fear and dead men" scene...

  19. I'm not talking about fights at spawn being an issue. They are fun, and are fine in around the first compunds.

  20. If at this point you still fail to see how intertwined these stocks, are you are to retard to be investing....

  21. IMO it's just gatekeeping douchebags "my stock is the only stock!" like bro there's about 10 stocks being heavily manipulated...get over yourself.

  22. Classic dick measuring... unfortunately it hurts us as a whole. They want is comparing so we dont see what they are doing and idiots fall for it.

  23. I'm am really excited to be able to earn things for all the time I already sink into this wonderful pit of awesome!

  24. The part during the space combat in RotS when the two dreadnaughts are just pounding the shit out of eachother with their cannons.

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