1. Aw hell nah get me off! They can’t drive how can they fly!!!1!!!1!!1!

  2. Holy shit Batman! you need to move the middle tv asap. Or add some reinforcements

  3. That’s gonna be a mess if you put another tv on there

  4. spits on it and now it’s refurbished! And since your order got picked to be filmed you get a keychain!

  5. You got ripped off you should have got the products from dkoldies if you want warranty refurbishment and excellent customer service. People joke but they don’t know what the hell they are talking about I strongly recommend a game boy from dkoldies

  6. Pchoulhgg is the only way to spell the sound

  7. Exactly playing old games on new hardware is like sharpening a fork it just aren’t gonna be good. It will just cut your mouth. (Yes that’s the best analogy I could make)

  8. Understanding was in the area of the brain were wasn’t there remembering meme.

  9. You yogurt pissed my daughter. Prepare to die.

  10. If your daughter is also your sister that means you. Wait… DOIN MY MOM

  11. “Artist?” You calling this art? Because your are right this is beautiful!

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