1. Play store Gift cards can only be used in the country they were purchased in

  2. thats what i mentioned, so how do i change my region for the phone without having to add a wallet account

  3. Im no hardcore fan, but god of war 2018 is my second favorite game of all time. The thing is the story is so good it feels like you are in a movie, plus the graphics are just amazing and the combat is out of this world. Ye its really violent but so satisfying nothing can beat the combat, like its out of this world, ye it takes some time until it gets so good but its good from the start plus each character is well written. Also, I just love RPGs and video games in general, and well the story is amazing and I am also interested in Norse mythology since I love the marvel movies especially loved thor ragnarok.

  4. I did mine from amazon as I managed to get the ps5 version for £58

  5. I'm in Germany and ordered from mediamarkt. Usually from 11 to 3 they deliver, did it for HFW but now the tracking is gone and last thing it said was in the morning that it still was in storage ready to go but not currently in the truck. It said that it was delayed yesterday. Hope I don't have to wait till tmr as there was no estimated time of arrival and it said it could be today or tmr :(

  6. It requires online connection to play the demo, unfortunately. But makes sense, if they wanna monitor player data, crashes, etc.

  7. I am online just dont have ps plus, is that what you mean by being online that it requires ps plus?

  8. i only have wishlisht or follow for every single game in the store, i cant even buy games.

  9. I was in the same dilemma and I decided to play a month ago. Firstly, they can postpone release date and you can wait too long. Secondly, we don't know the quality of new gen upradge. There could be a lot of bugs etc. These were my reasons to play now. Also after I finished main story and first expansion I notice I missed a lot of content because of my choices.(I watched several video) Sometimes choices led different boss fights. So you will want to play again. At least I wanted. I recommend you to play now and after next gen upgrade you can play it again.

  10. Easy +5 somber stone, north of the lake and up a little ravine.

  11. I'm not familiar with that store and a search doesn't answer my question. Are these physical copies of games or are they selling PSN accounts with games attached?

  12. I prefer SDR. Too many variables to get HDR wrong.

  13. Your monitor accepts 4k signal from the ps5. It then downscales the 4k signal and resolution into your 1440p monitor. So technically it is 4k but the monitor downscales it to fit your monitor. Hence, it is 4K downscaled.

  14. 4K output from ps5 into your monitor. Your monitor accepts the 4K output from ps5 and makes it fit your 1440p resolution monitor. That’s 4k downscale. You’re technically looking at 4k resolution that your monitor has changed it to fit 1440p

  15. Your monitor is most likely downscaling your PS5 4k output to 1080p or 1440p (not all monitors do the later)

  16. i mean right now i put the ps5 settings to automatic when deciding if its 4k or 1080p and it still shows in information setting of my monitor that it says 2160p

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