AITA for uninviting my mom to my baby shower?

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  1. Personally I'd put a large/tall pot plant in the corner and then a smaller round table in front of it between the two sofas, probably with a lamp on

  2. It's reallly weird in the Netherlands though, like it's really not a name (and I am the person liking unusual and word names etc.), so might appeal for the other speaking world, but not in the Netherlands ๐Ÿ™ˆ It's really like naming your daughter Girl as a first name๐Ÿ‘€

  3. To be fair though, somehow "Guy" is a name. Why not complete the set with Girl lol

  4. I am very confused at the remaining lors/lorettes. Definitely didn't expect it to go this way :O

  5. Interesting to me that Sebastian has been 2nd in a lot of these polls and now that it's narrowing down it looks like he'll get 3rd place. It looks like now people's faves are disappearing they're dogpiling my sweet boy

  6. First playthrough was Shane, then Penny, Seb, Leah, Elliott, currently running Harvey!

  7. I just finished the show and I'm real mad about it! Something like a 24 episode series would have been great, I feel like all the twists towards the end made 0 sense. At first it seemed like Schindler was the bad guy going rogue and Sagan would be decent.. oh no he's a bad guy also. He wants to save the people.. by blowing up the entire continent? Literally by starting in the most heavily populated area? And he let Schindler wake up and destroy all those poor areas miles away??? What kind of logic is that! Not to mention its repeatedly stated that D2s had all gone dormant for 4 years and people were rebuilding their lives again. Bro went and woke them all up?! 0 sense in that plot area.

  8. Hated it. Anna, to me, seemed like the parent of the group. Having her be the new love interest (presumably after a timeskip, where she's even older?!) and everyone else (Cosette, Destiny) die is WEIRD. Destiny had such a heartbreaking "end".

  9. I just watched this because the cover art on crunchyroll looked amazing and I'm feeling DUPED and DECEIVED right now ๐Ÿ˜ญ can't believe it was all for some shitey mobile game

  10. I totally agree with what your saying about this being bad, but for completely different reasons. 1st, I really like the usb thing, since I think itโ€™s explained well. She knows that if she continues to live, she will kill takt, so she puts all of her lifeforce into a necklace that lets her live on. This is then multiplied, when Anna wears it and finds that she is compatible enough with destiny to fuse. 2nd, is that, I mean, we knew from the start that this was an ad for a mobile game. Itโ€™s hard to complain about a series that was intended for this purpose kinda flopping, and leaving some shit on the table.

  11. I'm 6 months late, just watched this anime because the cover art looked cool and didn't have a clue it was for a mobile game. Feeling a bit deceived atm! HATED the twist with Anna at the end

  12. How to switch between rows on your inventory so you don't have to open your bag and rearrange things. I have almost 600 hours logged and I jusy figured out yesterday you could use the tab button to do quick access

  13. Abigail is a "I'm not like other girls" type I'm fuming she's still here lol

  14. This poll has made me realize how little i know about most of the towns folk. Even though i have played a lot. I have only ever married Sebastian and for my last few play throughs I have stayed single.

  15. Yeah I had absolutely no idea so many people loved Leah. She's winning all of these by a landslide. What makes Leah so great?! I need to speak her more

  16. Making a 12 year old spend a month sat alone in a hotel room sounds like actual torture to me.. let her stay home with your wife and her friends man

  17. It is a special day for my mom as well. I want her to feel involved and special, she deserves it after all the sacrifices.

  18. How is it special for her in any way? She is completely uninvolved. This day is about you and your wife.

  19. As a somewhat new stardew player.. I just never see her? I saw someone say Sebastian is even harder to befriend but tbf I'm always fishing so I see him at the docks whenever it's raining, or hanging with Sam. Her and Harvey I pretty much never run into at all in the game! When I finally did try and get some hearts with her I found Demetrius super off-putting so I suppose that didn't help.

  20. No. I am 42 and I remember in middle school through high school a big push to stop saying the R word. This was mid 1990s. No one should have been using it in the 00s AT. ALL. No excuse.

  21. I was born in 96 and I can tell you everyone at my school used the R word without issue

  22. Mad that Elliott is still hanging around. Sebastian is my fav but looks like Leah will end up winning!

  23. My school is 40 minutes away from my dad's house and I don't think I could mentally handle moving schools.

  24. Would it not be possible to get a bus/train or have your dad drive you? When my parents split (also UK) my dad moved a 35 minute drive away, I still did 50/50 weeks up until uni. My dad just drove me and my brother to school most days and when I was ~13 I started hopping on the train which only took 20 mins.

  25. INFO: When she cooks and makes the plates, does she give herself larger portions or is it about the same? I don't know if her problem is being hungry because you give her small plates, or if she's concerned about splitting groceries if she's only eating a quarter of them. Maybe you should just make even larger portions of food so she can have more and you still get the calories you need?

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