1. Someone was just telling me about the Darlie Routier case. Her two young children were killed and she was injured in a putative home invasion. Later on at funeral of her children, news cameras catch her with a happy expression and spraying silly string on the graves. Public opinion turned against her and I believe she is still in jail after being subsequently tried.

  2. The person whose dog pisses on their bed is the only one who does not sound over the moon about their dog’s destructive behavior. Neutral at worst.

  3. He is gorgeous. Looks just like my girl. 🥰

  4. I was on board until I figured out you were not talking about The Shining twins. Now I have nothing to weigh in here. I didn’t know this was a thing.

  5. NQA when did last molt? That could give you a hint if it's getting close to molting or not. For example, my versi sling molted 3 times in my care since november. Between first and second molt 54 days passed, and between second and third, 69.

  6. Yeah that’s the thing that is holding me up about assuming it is just in pre-molt. It is not in a tarantulas nature to molt on the ground rather than in its web. I don’t think this spider is going to make it. :(

  7. IMO hi! This doesn’t seem too ideal for her. You’re constantly opening the enclosure from the top which rips her web, this may be why she feels uncomfortable up there. I can also see that the substrate is very very wet which isn’t good. Make sure you’re only filling the water dish and not doing any extra misting. One thing that can fix this problem is ventilation around the line where the substrate ends and up the sides of the enclosure. I would wait to do that until she molts though.

  8. I am not ripping the web when I open it. I wouldn’t keep her in there if I were doing that.

  9. It’s total bullshit. Algae as a fuel is not scalable. Oil companies (and in this case an airplane company) invest a couple million into bullshit like this annually because they can plaster it all over their website, get tons of free press, and shift the narrative away from the catastrophic economic damages their emissions do to Earth.

  10. Did algal based biodiesel/jet research in undergrad. Scalability and consistency is precisely the problem. That stuff is difficult to make on a small scale. Hopefully my PI got some of this grant money.

  11. Hmmmmm she is 1,5 years old and still has it. That spot had been always gray so I can’t say for sure but it is not like it is fading away. Her tail is also gray by the way.

  12. She is probably a Turkish van and the other persons cat is a Turkish angora. They each have their own subreddits so check it out.

  13. You mention children. A lot of people hesitate to leave a partner because they want to start a family and are worried that they are running out of time to find someone to do that with. With this partner, you can never safely start a family. You will never have a clear conscience. You will always live in fear for your children’s safety and your own. And this man does not care if this dog bites his partner. Do you honestly think he will care if it bites the children? He will probably even try to hide aggressive behavior and biting from you when you are not around. It will never be safe to leave the kids alone with him.

  14. I got her from a rescue. She was with 3 other cats and the owner passed away. She is about 7 years old. I was curious if she might be a breed and after googling I think she might be a TA. I love her mane 🦁

  15. She’s a Turkey alright. Looks extra opinionated too.

  16. I tried kenneling my adopted pitbull. I reinforced with heavy duty zip ties EVERYWHERE. She ripped a hole right through the metal. Looked like a raptor cage from Jurassic Park. She was not a kennel dog from that day forward.

  17. Not sure why you are being downvoted. Pit bulls are known to do this and there are videos of them all over the internet destroying drywall/doors/furniture. They were bred to rip and tear. They are very efficient at it. And OP would be unwise to dismiss the attitude of their other dogs when bringing a new one into the house.

  18. It would take effort to retrain the hounds but they could still have drag hunts.

  19. Clearly he just doesn't want them making messes at his house. If you have health issues and children he should not be putting the burden of FOUR dogs on you. They are his dogs. There's doggy daycare. There's services you can hire where people can walk your dogs for you. Dogs are expensive and for one person to have four large creatures is a huge responsibility. He's not respecting you and he's not taking any responsibility for them. I would leave him and have him take his dogs with him. The fact that he can't be bothered to clean up his dogs messes and let's them poop in your house on a daily basis shows how little he genuinely cares about you. He's using you for free doggy daycare. I know that sounds harsh, but no one should ever treat a person they don't like like that let alone their partner. Make the decision that's best for YOU and your children.

  20. OP needs to find a way to get the dogs back to his place first because he will probably abandon them.

  21. OP, you should know the answer to this without the internet needing to tell you.

  22. Phlebotomy. It’s a very low entry barrier health care position that pays decently well for the amount of effort required to get licensed. It attracts some of laziest and least educated people in society. I don’t know how it is possible to work around sick people for a living yet show up every day thinking only about yourself but some of these people make it their goal to prove they are out there.

  23. Bristle worms are harmless in small numbers even helpful, because they cleanup waste and extra food that wasn’t eaten. Over feeding can cause the population to boom. If they get to be a nuisance you can set a trap and capture them and remove them. CAUTION:: they are called bristle worms for a reason. This little hairs on them are like needles and are very painful. Use thick latex gloves or tweezers when handling

  24. I am allergic to latex. Guess I’ll just die.

  25. It is very possible that you are only bruising because you are not holding pressure on the draw site for long enough. Some people don’t need to hold any pressure and some people bruise if they don’t hold pressure for several minutes with their arm raised over their head.

  26. My golden retriever just brought me a clean sock she stole from me this morning. She feels no remorse. This is the worst her behavior will realistically get in her lifetime. I can’t imagine having to worry about face biting being a trait in my breed of dog. It is absolute madness that people choose this breed then want us to feel sorry for them when they can’t find rental housing, homeowner’s insurance, etc.

  27. I’m sick. I get to nap and recover all day.

  28. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! Stay hydrated and get lots of sleep!

  29. What I think: Nobody is saying that training and environment are not contributing factors to a dog’s likeliness to maul and kill. Only that genetics are an equally important contributing factor and that all the training in the world will never be enough to change that.

  30. Don't worry! He is on a perfectly safe "Catio". My boys love being safe outside yet enclosed. I promise!

  31. I love that. Thank you for putting my worries at rest.

  32. I do! :) The only way to know is if you give it a try. It's pretty low investment but rewarding. It's not like becoming a nurse where it's 2 to 4 years of school or other allied health programs that are two years.

  33. The flip side of this is that it attracts a lot of lazy, unprofessional people since the entry barrier is so low. Get ready for your coworkers calling out/missing shifts to be the norm. But there are just as many amazing and hard working people in this field.

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