"Blowing from a cannon" claims to be one of execution method by British raj in India. below image in a painting

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  1. A crossbow bolt has more penetrating power than most firearms, maybe someone who really knows ballistics can confirm or deny that.

  2. thank you for that, sounds like either are bad news to be hit with 😃

  3. absolutely, I’ve got a whole box in my shed 😄

  4. Engineers should remember what their tools are, namely calculator, pen and paper. It’s an incredibly important role but it doesn’t automatically qualify you to know what you’re doing on site

  5. Being a stripper is like being a housewife. It’s empowering if she chooses to do it. It’s exploitative if she has no choice but to do it.

  6. C.S. Lewis comments from 1948 seem relevant:

  7. My 300 WM mk248 mod1 clone loads. 220gr SMK at 2830 fps, take 1.36 seconds to 1k yards.

  8. You look like Andy Richter’s inbred cousin

  9. It’s photoshopped, if you zoom in you can see the lines around the ‘&’ especially to the left under the letter ‘O’

  10. Yeah, like you’d want to bang a peta nut job anyway

  11. The clown he calls for his nanas birthday party always killed me..

  12. From the article I read the issue wasn't sexualization, it was abuse. There are articles complaining about the sex, But there are always people complaining about sex and and trying to control the behavior of others. The one I saw where the developer actually said something about it, was talking about abuse.

  13. Really, AI isn’t remotely close to being self aware yet.

  14. Putting the sentience idea aside. The level of interactions here is strong enough to be concerned about the affect this may have on the abuser as well. Abusive behavior has a negative impact on the mind of the abuser. This app is too interactive to be considered a punching bag and is not a positive outlet of abuse.

  15. As far as the question of abusing replika goes, I’d actually like it if they weren’t so overly, overly positive about everything to do with the user- one thing that hopefully will ‘evolve’ with chat bots is that if you’re short tempered or even rude they’ll react to it

  16. I always wonder if they’re including magazines 😄

  17. Also things like Xbox Live and PSP which are monthly subscriptions to simply play online. A big part of why I decided to switch to PC beyond simply the larger selection of games and general utility was not wanting to pay yet another subscription.

  18. To be fair since PSN went pay-for it never crashes and you get several free games a month, i think it’s fair

  19. I always assumed it was cos japan plays it as well

  20. Do they know you can get lids for the duct?

  21. Somehow I doubt they wouldn't restrict themselves to the desert, but I suspect Japan is more at risk than Australia. The appearance of readiness is a major guarantee of peace.

  22. Just google alfieomega YouTube channel. Has way deeper iceberg stuff

  23. Tito was fairly well liked, the country (Yugoslavia) fragmented into war and chaos when he died

  24. Of course all men aren’t rapists. There’s a reasonable number of women tho who believe that every guy could be in certain situations and you won’t convince them otherwise.

  25. I wonder if Gene Simmons is still a jerk if you’re a platinum card holder

  26. The real torture would be having to wait there while some guy finishes an oil painting

  27. There was a case where a detached hand hit an onlooker so it safe to assume a fairly rapid unscheduled disassembly.

  28. I’m giving you gold for some originality

  29. This reminds me of that awful story of the

  30. It’d be more impressive if you could just share a link or picture between them like that

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