1. The game is rushing you because you are dying. Just dont listen. Do what you want

  2. I use everything. Sometimes blades, sometimes guns, and most of the time netrunning.

  3. Stuff like this isn't usually fixable, and it always been there.

  4. Not usually a fan of Manga but I am gonna give it a shot at least

  5. Where Service spare parts, and wooden planks? Can't find anywhere since there's no dang mission marker thing.

  6. Yep, the main reason i main this path is because then choosing the "secret ending" makes more sense. Arasaka fucked V over so she returned the favor.

  7. Yep and also the game obviously wanted the player to like Jackie and feel sad when he dies. In the other 2, they just met. Corpo lifepath on the other hand actually gives me a reason to feel bad when he dies, cause they already have a history together

  8. They do spend a good few months together in the other lifepaths. There’s a whole montage of it

  9. Well obviously but 6 months isn't enough for me to care all that much. The longer they were friends the more attached I feel and the 6 months montage ain't enough. I'm sure most would agree with that.

  10. No, drugs is for losers. Drink milk instead!

  11. What's a pathetic milk drinker like you doing out here?

  12. It's Rockstar, what do you expect? It's always the same. Disappointment.

  13. Well the Diamond Casino Heist is trash, so the Cayo cooldown is pretty annoying.

  14. Yes got around 15m but I won't get the update. 😑😑

  15. I love the game. Even when it was a complete mess. The only problem I've ever really had is the clothing system, especially now. After 1.5 it became even worse.

  16. I’ve just gotten to 101 contracts completed. The professional contracts seem to be between 35-40k, the specialist contracts are like 40-50k, and the specialist+ are like 60k. I think the most I got was like $68k for a single contract.

  17. I don't think it's was. The other 2 jobs available when I got it had normal payouts

  18. Basic is all you need. The only color that should be used on the Deluxo is brushed metal. Because it's closest to the stainless steel body the DMC-12 has

  19. You have to kill Royce to get the sex scene with Meredith

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