2. idk either but we piss in urinals

  3. i know that the community is welcoming and non judgmental and all, i just wondered though, do you ever think that some young people say that they are something just for the attention? it seems like it’s almost becoming a trend to be different in that way and so it makes some young people who maybe don’t get attention from their parents or at school feel as if they need to identify themselves as something before they know whether they are or not. not saying that young people aren’t allowed to identify as what they want but i feel like a lot of people see it as a bit of a trend or something to put in their instagram bio or something without taking it seriously. also, do some of you get annoyed by certain people in the community shoving their sexuality down other peoples throats and making it their whole personality?

  4. just remember, the K stands for knowledge

  5. could you send a pic of the cable or port we cant reccomend specific products but if its not a brand specific cable then we can just say any cable that is x

  6. can i private message you a picture?

  7. That DPD-R06XE box is interesting, but based on that you could easily get the best experience with Component video, or RGB if more convenient, but you'll have a far easier time with progressive scan resolutions using Component video, and I think high quality Component video cables such as the ones made by HD Retrovision are cheaper than RGB equivalents.

  8. The best image you'll get with that display is by getting some decent component cables and a component - HDMI converter. Make sure it's compatible with 480i & 576i resolutions so you dont have any picture issues.

  9. It looks like an AV breakout cable for a console. It has 20 pins on the DP-like end.

  10. the scart connector has holes in it. thanks for all your research, very interesting.

  11. If it has holes it may belong to a TV. Basically an A/V breakout box for a TV made for the European market.

  12. Thanks! i think it might have possibly had something to with an old pioneer plasma display system now that you say that.

  13. i see your bio says your like programming. i would have to agree that computer science is the best subject.

  14. hi everyone, thanks for all the replies! really appreciate it. i think that from the general feedback i’ll stick to some basic dirt trails for now and see i get on. i’ve been doing lots of research and i’m really exited to get into the sport. wish me luck and thanks again for being so helpful! :)

  15. Honestly I'd just say what most people here are saying. If money is an issue check out FB market or by yourself a cheap 3x MTB by giant or trek and add upgrades where ya can. It's hard to not spend a small fortune in this sport but it is do able with patience and looking for deals. This bike can for sure be a stepping stone though. Best of luck though :)

  16. Can confirm. I have this exact setup.... a solo is just a little thicker than a quad but it's enough to make a difference.

  17. can you use the quad with a single micro sd card?

  18. Yes... right from their website it says this

  19. oh okay sorry i hadn’t looked on the website. thanks.

  20. don’t talk to me about beating the shit out of dough

  21. please let us know when you are done eateding

  22. tastes best on the garage roof tho

  23. i agree. i went to a psychologist, got medication and now i’m doing fine. no need to cry about it on the internet for attention.

  24. as a pianist, a drummer and a bass player…

  25. do people actually use pick up lines?

  26. me too, feel sorry for the poor women who have to hear these lmao

  27. i am here with you on all of these posts eateding too my man

  28. i see, i respect that then. fair play.

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