1. I think Woodward and Buckeye relief are possibilities. Not accusing them but I’ve had suspicions

  2. I work with hundreds of medical, rec and caregiver growers, from closets to greenhouses...

  3. Enjoy the GSD While you can! They are going to retire that strain. They have been growing GSD since the beginning of the program and I would imagine the mother plant is getting weak from cloning for so long. She has been a wonderful flower over the years! It was one of my, and my wife’s (both patients) favorites from the go. RIP my sweet sativa girl!

  4. Not sure where you heard that from. BR keeps a regular rotation of mother plants, monitoring for any issues and course correcting as needed. GFSD isn't going anywhere, don't worry.

  5. Isn’t this the same strain as Orange Velvet Underground?

  6. If it's clementine it should be a tangie x lemon skunk cross.

  7. Moisture content definitely affects the end results. From what I've read alot of facilities (not sure about Ohio) will adjust results to get more consistent results. A big issue is we don't really have a national standard for testing. Each state/lab may have it's own way of testing. It still doesn't seem like they're following proper procedure for homogeneous test batches

  8. Moisture content is factored into the labeled Total THC% in Ohio. So a plant tested at 15% moisture would test the same if it were dried down to 10%.

  9. It looks great. I just think if you drop some Orange Marmalade Donut Cream its gonna be a hit regardless. People love these names. 🤷‍♂️

  10. Well it does smell exactly like pineapples so I'd say it is aptly named.

  11. Just got some of this as well, and the taste was exactly as

  12. Beautiful pics. What’s the lineage on this one? Not sure if I’ve ever seen carene as a prominent terp in the program, so sounds like you got a unique one.

  13. Thanks! It is a backcross stabilized Pineapple Trainwreck x Cookie Monster.

  14. Knew this one was special when it started smelling good week 3 of flower. Had three promising phenos. 001 smelled like pina colada. 002 smelled of canned pineapple, tin can and all. 022 was fresh pineapple, but also only grew to the size of wedding bouquet. It was a tough decision but ultimately settled on 001. Not the highest potency plant, but THC isn't everything and the crazy unique terpene profile more than makes up for it.

  15. And this is different than the Grapefruit Sour Dream line?

  16. They look and smell vastly different. Similar lineage with different expressions and terpene profiles.

  17. Nice ..excited for this one. which side does it lean towards on the smell

  18. It's actually a nice balance between the two. Definitely Blue Dream forward but the finish is Diesel. Hands down one of my favorite on all fronts.

  19. They're completely different plants actually. Lime Sherbet is about 6' tall with conical buds, Sunshine Lime is about 4' tall with unique enlarged bracts that resemble rose whorls. Both have the potential to turn purple. A common point of contention is which smells like fruit loops and which smells like fruity pebbles.

  20. We need more info like this. I would like to know who takes care of their employees.

  21. BR takes very good care of its employees. Try asking a few yourself.

  22. Do you happen to be an employee?

  23. That DITO was an absolute unit of a plant, wet weight on it at harvest was over 1,250 grams. It required regular hand watering in addition to the scheduled irrigation events. The cover was removed to allow this. The plants in the background all have covers.

  24. Not sure of the name of them, but the ones that are 3d printed that clip together that have the 2-4 water line holding points on it was the nice ones. They made them for all the different sizes of blocks, all the way up to the big mama.

  25. Yeah, the lines popping of those green ones was a huge issue. The problem with the white ones you're describing is the fact that they need to be lifted for drenching of nematodes or hand watering. Not a big deal when you only have a few plants but having to lift thousands of them every week is not fun and has led to some seriously sore wrists. I'm on the verge of designing and 3D printing my own that fall somewhere in between. Washing and disinfecting thousands of them every few weeks is another logistical challenge. Installation of a commercial dishwasher is pretty much the only option.

  26. Looks like 2 phenotypes almost with 2 purplish nugs and 2 green.

  27. Yes, the graph shows the contribution of each individual terpene as a percentage of the total terpenes for that pheno. The data was compiled from the average terpene w/w% over a number of harvests. I displayed it this way to illustrate the differences in terpene profile between phenos by normalizing the data as a percentage instead of an actual amount.

  28. The variety of properties this plant is capable of expressing continues to amaze me. Even plants with similar looking terpene profiles can smell wildly different just from the makeup of that tiny 10%

  29. The images were 4032 x 3024 but I had to shrink them to post them. Open to suggestions on how to post higher res ones. Photography isn't my forte.

  30. oh I didnt actually enhance or change anything resolution wise. I used a program to do a technique called 'focus stacking' where it combined the two images together so that everything was in focus.

  31. I've read a bunch about focus stacking. I have a dino-lite macro camera that I take trichome pictures of. Had I learned about focus stacking earlier I would have saved up a bit more cash and purchased the fancier one that does that automatically.

  32. When choosing between phenos, what are some things you guys take into consideration?

  33. Grams per square foot - minimum target Finishing time Potency - minimum target Aroma - intensity, uniqueness Bud formation - size, density, ease of trimming Growth habit - height, shape, vigor, cultivation concerns, etc.

  34. What’s up with you popping up incognito, posting pics like that, but not saying who you are? I thought growers either didn’t, by rule or by agreement, post on here?

  35. You won't see an official grower account post on here, there are laws against that. I'm just a person who loves plants and is excited about the work I do.

  36. I don't believe there's any sort of rule against it in this sub. I would imagine there are a lot of laws dictating how and where mmj can be advertised, so I don't think they could legally be in here in any sort of official capacity. But a Reddit user on their own private account can post pictures, as far as I'm aware.

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