1. As a newb I first bought an M17, and eventually wanted to do the same thing you mentioned, except I wanted to do a flush comp build. So next I bought a used X-Carry my LGS had for a really good deal. Only to find out there is no threaded barrel support for Gen1 Xcarry’s and the support for newer gen X-Carry’s is still dicey at best. So I essentially now have a good carry gun, but that is really all I can use it for.

  2. Waiting on a A.C.E frame myself, the comp one they had awhile back. How are they? Really anxious for mine!

  3. I was just looking at Icarus Precisions site my buddy and it looks like they are in stock!

  4. My bad, I should have included a list!

  5. congrats man. give me just the tiniest sliver of hope still for my 5/17

  6. I'm praying for you dude, and I will keep checking everyday to come back and congratulate you as well when yours comes back approved. My dads very first suppressor was certified 3 weeks after my 5/25 and he got an approval last Tuesday. I had to drive him to pick it up on Saturday and was spiraling in the store. One of the dudes who works there and is super NFA knowledgeable said "The ATF's process does not make sense and it never will. Just chill and you'll get approved". The very next day I was approved. So my advice to you is "The ATF's process does not make sense and it never will. Just chill and you'll get approved".

  7. I see you must’ve formed 1 your 300 black out , when you choose caliber what did you put & did you also put “ MM “ I’m thinking about sbr’r mine but idk what I should put for the caliber selection if you could help thanks!

  8. I did it under a trust and all I put was .300 on the RPQ form. I cannot remember what I put on the eform portion, but I am sure I put .300 to make them match up.

  9. Yeah cause I’m planning on doing mine but I know it’s asks caliber & then it also ask unit of measure so I’m stuck between putting “.300” or putting “ 7.62x35 “ then “ MM “ for unit of measure if that makes sense sorry , new to this form 1 stuff so I’d like for it to go as smooth as possible

  10. Alright, so I purchased a Kriss Vector with the sole intention of submitting it for a Form 1 and SBR. For this one atleast, I decided to go the amnesty route purely due to the fact my sole intentions when purchasing were to form 1 the pistol. I submitted proof of assignment with notary, EFT fingerprints, RPQ, trust docs, and passport photo. I also submitted pictures of the gun markings, and the gun in its full pistol brace configuration. Here is the issue, the Vector has a Shockwave pistol brace/stabilizer on it in the photos, and I have heard from my FFL that during the ATF's seminar yesterday that they mentioned that the Shockwave was not a pistol brace and did not qualify for amnesty. Has anyone else heard this? I also have an SBA4 brace. Should I take the shockwave off and post pictures of the SBA4 instead? Is that something I can do? I have never edited a Form 1 after submitting before.

  11. Pictures of the thing are not required at all.

  12. Yeah I know it has never been a requirement with a standard Form 1; however, I submitted this prior to the rule being published to the federal register. There were still pages that said you had to have proof your firearm was assigned to your trust prior to January 13th, but the first page said prior to the rule hitting the federal register. With this being said, I assumed they still had no idea what the hell they were doing and didn’t want to be denied over some additional BS requirements they may have implemented later. So I included a picture.

  13. Many many many moons ago lol. Didn’t do electronic. Submitted July 21

  14. I e-filed an omega for my DDPDW in April. Tell me to stop being a bitch, ancient one.

  15. Good looking set up! I have the same gun with Eotech, mine is just the 300BLK version. I have mine setup for home defense, a MK18 for a truck gun and a V7 for longer range. I have a Surefire scout on my V7, but my PDW and MK18 I run a Streamlight since I feel like you get more for the price minus a tad bit of durability. They are good lights. I put the Mount 1 on my PDW. It’s only 350 lumens but it’s smaller and fits the gun well. I use the arisaka offset mount and a cloud defensive switch mount.

  16. Thanks for your comment! I wasn’t planning on getting rid of it or anything. It’s just one of those things where it isn’t like most of the other firearms I own with a close value range. I have seen older posts where the people have said the gun is worth $800-$1,000 and I have looked on gunbroker where it’s going for like $6-8k. I know it couldn’t possibly be worth THAT much but I would like to learn more about it.

  17. The only ones that would go for 6k would be the full rpks, and even that's pushing it.

  18. Hey thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. That’s kind of what I figured and lines up with what I’ve been looking at. There is one I would say is nicer than mine with a folding RPK style stock on gunbroker now for $3k starting bid ( no bids ) and $3500 BIN.

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