1. I agree, bought that one on a whim and was disappointed. The hellmans roasted garlic is so much better.

  2. We are near the intersection of Woodbrook and Southridge. There was another house on Woodbrook that was hit as well, closer to Chasewood

  3. The store is huge, and they have so much cheese it is its own department. Check it out

  4. And I guess he bailed out, no longer on the custody report... wtf

  5. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the responses. Price is a factor but service and quality are more important. I haven't had any issues with Discount and they have been where I bought most of my tires.

  6. Also, a bit of mint and lavender help mellow out the experience.

  7. [Holly and The Mystery Lights - Wise County] [Country/Alt Country/Americana] (

  8. The Mystery Lights are already a group lol

  9. Different genres and a reference to the Marfa TX mystery lights

  10. It really wasn’t very safe the way it was with just that tape. I’d think you probably need to have it wired up properly to be up to code and prevent the chance of any fires. I was an electrician assistant in high school 20 years ago so I don’t know the code like an electrician would. Hopefully one of them will chime in on the rewire

  11. With the breaker to the oven off does anything else not work? You could also look in 5e breaker box and see if both sets of wires are connected to the oven breaker.

  12. Now that I think about it the sparker on the gas stovetop doesn't work since I flipped the breaker. So one of them probably ties into the outlet under the stovetop. Would it be safe to wire in the new oven like the old? I would clean up the connections and use less tape ha.

  13. We have Aetna and have had good experience with Minor Emergency of Denton on Teasley.

  14. MED on Teasley used to bill as primary care instead of emergency care (CareNow) and probably still do. Totally recommend them. Same level of care but cheaper, good for small things - anything bad eat the emergency room cost.

  15. As a Texan, this comment here. The only acceptable pork in Texas bbq are ribs and sausage. Don't get me wrong burnt ends and pulled pork are delicious but are more KC/Tennessee/Carolinas.

  16. McNeill's on the square will do it.

  17. Agreed. It was in the house when we bought it... A single oven where I want to remodel and put a double oven which is a few years off - hoping it can be fixed and I dont have to buy one now only to replace in 5 years when we can remodel.

  18. Very unlikely it's related to the root canal, and the puffiness around your cheek and soreness are normal. If it continues to grow or you have other symptoms that pop up go to the emergency room.

  19. Thanks. Definitely keeping an eye on it and some cold compresses today, hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and the swelling will be gone.

  20. Looks like a dogo argentino mix, mine looks similar. All white with a few blue spots

  21. So Dans Silverleaf closed ? I haven’t been there in a couple of years but I ate a taco there at 11 last time I was in town. Can’t remember what night of the week it was but it felt like a weekend?? There has to be several bars within two blocks because the square now has how many on or around it?

  22. They're just rafters. Draw the angle with a speed square, and hit it with a circular saw. That's how framers have been doing it for decades.

  23. When I did the 30 degree I felt like the bottom 2x6 didn't fit correctly. May have just been my eyes, I think I will just cut all 3 pieces as a test and see how it fits.

  24. I used a jig and cut a 60 degree in a trash piece, matched them up and it seemed way too steep

  25. Came with wooden part with rawhide and bead. Took it off for cleaning, the filters it came with has a copyright of 1962, thinking the glass is from around that time as well.

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