poki calls out ninja for weird behavior during the dijon debacle

He do be dancing though

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  1. memory xpress, forest computers as far as that area specicially I'm not familiar

  2. Mem ex is the only answer you need.

  3. You pay almost as much as my mortgage to live in a 1300 sq ft house in Winnipeg.

  4. Share the road. I witnessed someone in a powered wheelchair having to share the road with cars on River earlier this week because the sidewalks were crap. When the sidewalks are not cleared there are people without cars that still need to get to work, school, etc. Joggers I think could take a day off today (I know I will) but there's going to be people that need to use the road and don't have/can't afford an alternative. Please be mindful of these people and please drive safely everyone.

  5. What road? It's nothing but snow, and with all the snow we've had this year the roads are already fairly narrow. Might be safer to run at a park or walk way than running in traffic.

  6. Twitch is so weird. You guys can have your weird shit online drama and watching people sit infront of their computers.

  7. Did spring church ever get a fine for having that grad ceremony?

  8. The government is laser focused on not caring about the numbers anymore.

  9. I just opened up a sever and going to have scheduled raid times.

  10. Unfortunately its written in English and people from Quebec are to smug to read anything in English.

  11. I wonder what kind of computer power the US would need to process tens of millions of background checks, repeatedly, EVERY SINGLE SAY.

  12. Canadian government does it with their firearm license holders.

  13. Instead of me digging through laws and going through the rcmp website (I'm at work so it's hard) you can watch this video.

  14. Slow bikes, too. You can’t realistically push a 650 sport/naked as hard as it can go on city streets, especially not legally. But a small bike you can push to the redline before every gear change.

  15. That's what drove me away from my gsxs 1000. I had more fun on smaller 500cc bikes because you can rip on it and go through the gears. On a 1000cc bike, you're breaking all the speed limits in 1st.

  16. Audrey Gordon was not aware that only 1 ICU bed was available last night.. is she for real?? How’s that possible??

  17. She was to busy getting her nails done and talking to children in southdale to hear about what's going on in hospitals.

  18. We're laser focused on the numbers because we don't give a shit anymore

  19. Limited supply my ass. Manitoba has access to million of tests but are not using them. Why is our leadership so cheap when it's the feds giving them out?

  20. Besides getting vaccinated, social distancing, staying home - basically Rousin’s fundamentals, how can we help hospital staff?

  21. The spread is inevitable! Kids and fully vaccinated adults get COVID and rarely end up in the hospital.

  22. Who says you need to surrender your jobs? The spread can be reduced, but the data is there and the government is ignoring it. The assumption that 'everyone will get it' is a horrible way to think. Our healthcare workers at the brink, they're burned out. Why not help them by trying to get this under control before tossing kids back in school. Remote learning is a thing, it's been done before. Yes it sucks, but it's the safest way to reduce illness. The government has done nothing to help students, teachers or health care workers. I can't support anything they decide to do.

  23. Wow that's ignorant. I hope you never need health care and who's talking about a lock down?! I'm talking about kids doing remote learning. Except everyone keeps bring up a lockdown.

  24. Why? Because they don't care about resale value.

  25. This post on r Canada is so fucked. It's filled with anti vax, anti government, bullshit. It's mind blowing that the mods haven't deleted it.

  26. Tell me you've never smoked weed without telling me you've never smoked weed

  27. For how much you spend on living in Toronto you could easily afford afford a house or a very nice condo in Winnipeg.

  28. I don't like alienware PC's but I absolutely love alienware and dell monitors.

  29. Is this what Audrey Gordon ment when she said 'stay tuned'

  30. I wish they'd hand them out themselves instead of giving them to the provinces/territories. Here in Manitoba the government was giving them to private businesses for free and not giving any to the public until recently. Now the only way to get them is to either be an employer or go for a PCR test and you might be selected to do the rapid first.

  31. I was told by my employer that I have to buy my own. $95 for 5 tests. I said no fucking way. You want me to get tested either I'm getting a pcr test, or you're supplying me a rapid test.

  32. South Africa is in a way different situation than Canada, and it's hard to compare the two.

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