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  2. Bro I stay delusional and manifest an Exo ot9 comeback 🥲

  3. Out of the groups I like, I would say the ones that apply to this are Minho from skz and Minho from SHINee.

  4. Must say, Lee Know pulls a lot of the gays on tiktok

  5. ITZY’s Chaeryeong, (g)-idle’s Shuhua, EXID’s Hyelin, NCT’s Doyoung and Yangyang, EXO’s Lay (I know he’s popping off in China, but I’m specifically talking about him within Exo), WJSN’s Exy, IVE’s Rei, Blackpink’s Jisoo, BTS’s Jin

  6. Kara’s Nicole and Jiyoung are returning for Kara’s comeback. Also, cmiiw, but I think Solji left EXID for a bit, then came back

  7. Solji went on hiatus for health reasons but never left the group. She was gone for over a year but it was always very clearly communicated that it was a temporary break until she recovered her health. She even participated in the studio recording and photoshoot for one of their albums after she went on break even though she couldn’t perform on stage or participate in the MV.

  8. I’m happy that Loona is trying to leave BBC. However, I am worried about the future of the group. Chuu will be fine, but the other members don’t have as much pull as Chuu, so if the group is done for good, what are they going to do?

  9. My favorite thing about what’s going on with a Loona is the fact that it’s Orbits celebrating the possibility of LOONA’s disbandment. Look on tiktok and Twitter and you’ll know what I’m talking about. As they should, because BBC is really that messed up

  10. I'll come back to this post after WayV's comeback LOL

  11. I’m putting my money on my boy Hendery. Hell, Winwin will probably get more lines now

  12. People will say Shuhua. But that would be incorrect to what really made her shine so much more now. It is the fact that she had nearly a year to hone her skills, work on her Korean and overall gain a lot of self confidence in these skills. Hard work in other terms.

  13. Her performance glow up will never not make me so proud. Honestly, if she keeps this up, she’ll be unstoppable

  14. Eunchae getting more lines and center time this past comeback was a blessing

  15. “I like this bitch” - She Is by Jonghyun

  16. There have to be something more than just great discography though. Like there are a lot of artists that have great discography but I'm just their casual listeners. At least if they are not stacked, there would have to be exceptonal on something, whether it's personality or visual or amazing live performance.

  17. Exactly! I didn’t account for visuals or variety talent, rather the skills involved in solely the music/performance component

  18. I think IVE are quite possibly the best example. I’ve seen a ton of opinions like “IVE are overrated because they are weak vocally, don’t have great dancers, don’t excel in rapping, etc” and I don’t agree with them. Sure, IVE may come off as weaker when compared to other rookie groups/other groups in kpop, but they have great pop songs, which is why they’re huge. Even if the members didn’t write their songs, the personalities they have in their vocals also played a factor in making them successful. I mean, the way Wonyoung’s voice kind of creaks during her “narcissistic, my god I love it” section is just satisfying to me. The members also have a ton of charisma- obviously everyone knows about Wonyoung and Yujin, but Gaeul and Liz strike me as particularly charismatic and endearing too.

  19. I lowkey had them in mind, but I love that group soo much. I’m glad they won a daesang

  20. There’s a reason Xiaojun is particularly excited 😉

  21. He definitely does! I would love to see him get a really good part on the next NCT album. WayV are such an embarrassment of riches that he often gets a little overlooked. I love the tone of his raps, he has such a distinctive voice.

  22. Yeah. WayV (NCT as a whole) is just really stacked, so I can see why Hendery gets shafted at times

  23. I know Korea generally sees them as DBSK. To us westerners, TVXQ just has a nicer ring than DBSK

  24. I live at my parents house, and I’m hybrid so, i would say so

  25. A lot of things. I wanted to be a doctor, a comedian, a singer, ab engineer. I’m an auditor now

  26. You’re in luck, they’re coming back December 9

  27. Adventure Time, because it was kind of a show that grew with its intended audiences and so even young adults could watch it easily. The characters had depth and grew from the funny little characters they started as. It even introduced philosophy as simple concepts to understand

  28. I agree. I think of that show as the beginning of what I call the Cartoon Network renaissance. The shows that followed from there were Regular Show, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, Clarence, etc

  29. I gotta keep it real, you can’t let anyone dictate your identity. That’s on you to figure out

  30. Isn’t Hendery already lead and Yangyang already main? I’m sure they’ll be fine without Lucas

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