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Matt Barnes: "I spoke on Ime Udoka's defense and after finding out the facts I erased what I posted because this situation in Boston is deep, messy and 100 times uglier than any of us thought. Some things happened I can't condone. It's not my place to tell you what happened."

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  1. That’s probably the worst example of Kareem to use, he got purposely elbowed in the stomach so understandably he’d be pissed. Probably shouldn’t have punched him in the face but it’s a returned cheap shot. Kyrie was being an idiot promoting a dumb ass conspiracy theorist and got called out for it… these situations are not even comparable.

  2. have you seen that Spurs roster? anyone would look good playing them.

  3. Yoo, that reminded me. We might finally end their home winning streak against us

  4. That was such a fun preseason game, goes next to Carsen Edwards dropping 30 on the Cavs

  5. Guess the commander tank is about to leave the station

  6. Alright defense gave us a big chance, DONT BLOW IT

  7. If ain’t nobody else got me, I know Jahan got me

  8. For a late second pick, JD looking prettttyyy good

  9. Kabengele definitely gonna be on the roster starting opening night

  10. Did Kabengele dap up the ref after that lol

  11. We were dead last in steals averaged last season so getting Delon alone is gonna be a big improvement

  12. Barton the perfect microwave scorer we needed

  13. I agree with the being a fan of this team is fun, and whenever this title comes it’s gonna hit us differently, but man idk how u haven’t been traumatized yet(which is a good thing). I will probably never forget last years clippers game, I completely ruined the entire vibe of the whole room the rest of the night for everybody else for the rage fit I had. We deadass sat there in silence for around 30 minutes before the channel was changed.

  14. All I could do was laugh, at least the Twitter Space was legendary lol

  15. This is a very deep team, liked what I saw. Excited for the season

  16. 100% agree, and social media being especially toxic is getting annoying. The same people already calling him a bust and saying the team should leave him in Japan are probably the same fans commending John Wall for speaking out on his mental health, hypocrites. And yes, he didn’t have a great summer league or first preseason game… but that’s what summer league and preseason are for. The Wizards drafted him and they knew what they were getting, he’s a hard worker and led his team to the NCAA tournament. It’s gonna take time and even if there were other guys we wanted to draft, that’s the past now all we can do is embrace him and hope he gets better. Maybe I’m just too optimistic 🤷🏾‍♂️ but I’d rather be rooting for guys improvement especially at this early stage

  17. He impressed me in summer league and had a pretty good game to start preseason. The thread doesn’t even show the great block he had, and he’s just 21 years old. Definitely got some potential and with Taj guiding him, I’m hopeful for his future

  18. ngl Im surprised with how Davis has ran the team, it’s seemed ridiculous when Tommy said they want him at point

  19. Yeah he was pretty good as a facilitator, ball security could use some work but he was making the right passes

  20. Wow what scam artists, both your roommates… hope you let the landlord know about the stealing as well

  21. That’s what I’ve been saying, even if his defense is average… his offense outweighs it if he’s aggressive

  22. This drops on my birthday too, my hype levels are gonna be amazing that day

  23. I believe he was referring to

  24. Mf’s got greedy but I don’t blame them, Vanderbilt & Wainwright would let them roll out a double tightend lineup

  25. We’re finally about to get a toxic-free season and y’all want to bring in Kyrie, the king of drama. I’m good

  26. Also great to see Beal support Johnny through the whole offseason, even though he wasn’t at Summer League he gave him words of encouragement after a rough game.

  27. “A lot of low maintenance guys that just wanna hoop” is music to my ears.. a drama-free season would be nice

  28. When Brad and Wyc were saying “multiple violations”, this is basically what I expected. I just wish we had more details but understand why they’re keeping things under wraps for now

  29. SAS still doesn't answer the question of how were the Celtic's suppose to fire Udoka "privately" without everyone asking questions and rampant speculation.

  30. He didn’t think that far considering it would’ve been the same level of speculation going on. I don’t even know why he’s emphasizing the line between suspension and firing when the suspension choice could’ve been to prevent Ime from getting paid on his way out

  31. Smells like this is when

  32. I know trading John Wall was probably for the best of the team but seeing that’s what nearly pushed him over the edge after the passing of his mom still hurts. I’m so glad he got the help he needed and I’ll always have love for Wall. Fans in general gotta realize it’s bigger than basketball, that’s why I don’t really like getting down on players like that cause you never truly know what they’re going through even if they might not see it

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