A squad saved me from killing myself

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  1. Twist the blade. If it's in correctly, battery issue?

  2. It's not Star Wars, but no. It's Hux's "I'm the spy" line

  3. T5G sums it up in a 14 minute video that just released a few days ago, if you care

  4. Just like rebels defeating an empire for it to magically reappear so that there is a sequel.

  5. Wear the skin that fits the theme best. So moonbase paradigm tomorrow.

  6. And this is why you should never leave a squad if no one responds to "does anyone have a mic?" in ten seconds

  7. Cybernetics are better anyway. That way, when he fights Dooku later, he can get forks stuck in his arm, with no pain

  8. They didn't. The Inquisitorius was made of Jedi who Vader captured personally. And that didn't happen until later.

  9. The whole first half of your list, plus drift. I also missed the pickaxe for Yonder. The gold Llama head on a stick

  10. Yet another point in favor of: the Prequels are just the OT copy pasted. Anything that doesn't make sense gets used, and does not get explained

  11. I gave up on the first challenge. It was too much grinding, and it's locked to a character that I don't use.

  12. Maul had the most drive, for sure. He still built a criminal empire to go head to head with Sidious. He just lacked the power in the Force to make it work.

  13. Can't hate on the GR75. Nostalgia hits different on that map

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