1. Actually, I have no interest at all in showing you how thermal shields work. I hate facing them.

  2. "I'll show you exactly how they work. Bring your flagship in closer."

  3. I'm just getting into the game, and my kits are really low level. Fastest way to level up?

  4. You've been in Galaxy's Edge. Props to you for the soda bottles

  5. Is this actually possible?? Please tell me it is I can agitate and annoy so many of my friends this way lol

  6. We here in the Rocky Mountain Garrison look down on all them flatlanders.


  8. ex-shotgun main. the game is bad now, the deagle kept things mostly in check. Now rev gets to do whatever he wants and so does sniper

  9. Correct. Btw, I'm just quoting something I heard a while back. I'm an ex Shotgun main as well

  10. For beginners, usually 2-3 groups at a time is reasonable

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