1. Meanwhile I'm over here and still haven't beaten RF4 and I barely started RF4S. I take my good old time, mainly because I love the story line and the events but I don't like ending up in the doctor's. I can barely afford it in RF4 anymore. But anyway, congrats on finishing the game!!

  2. Nothing wrong with taking your time 😄 I don't like the doctor's either, especially when I pass out from a 1 hit KO attack 😅 I miss Nancy and her free treatments.

  3. Thanks. Yeah I get that. It's been a while but isn't Nancy the doctor guys wife in RF4? She gives treatments as well?

  4. Yeah, Jones' wife. I remember sometimes when I went to the doctor's and when I woke up whenever she was there she said that I didn't have to pay that time which was nice 😄

  5. Yeah, I wanted to see what some of the more prudish villagers had to say. Didn’t get a chance to say hi before I swung by the story spot, since it was so close.

  6. I see, if you do I'd love to see if you are willing to share! I've heard of that bug too that the dateables call you their boy/girlfriend before dating them. I'm hoping at some point there are fixes for them.

  7. Congratulations! Still working on fully completing everything myself 😁

  8. The game isn't fully voiced. Like with 4, only some of the lines are voiced. Not like Fire Emblem: Three Houses where every line is voiced.

  9. I didn't think all of it would be. But like they'll be talking during the first scene when you first meet them which is usually voiced when it comes to the bachelor's bachelorettes. The first sentence is voice The second one is it and then the third one is voice again. That's what I was running into... And then some are just like sporadically throughout... Idk 😅 maybe I'm just having the issue then

  10. I just started playing today, but that's what I've seen too. It is a little weird they did it like that 😂 I feel like they should have at least fully voiced the cutscenes and stuff instead of every other line. I'm not sure if it's like that in the Japanese version.

  11. Yep. I broke the other two because I had no space for them 😂

  12. Congratulations! I still have yet to complete mine, hopefully one day!

  13. It's beautiful! Gives me inspiration to do something similar 😄

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