xqc's stake on the current predicament with gambling

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Body cam footage shows police officer shooting 75 year old woman suffering from dementia

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  1. I dont understand did El create new Reality or she opened a gate to it?

  2. She did both. Created it, and also created a gate to it.

  3. Child, we were all young and naive here once. Then we hit season 5, and we thought that was the worst the show could offer. Then we hit season 7.

  4. Bro... Season 7 hasn't been the best... But holy crap, don't compare it to season 5. You're delusional.

  5. I disagree. I think from a writing standpoint season 7 has been worse. I could list many reasons why, too, but I totally get why people would think s5 is worse. But for me s7 is worse writing despite being more entertaining.

  6. Ehhh, I think you're giving season 5 writing too much credit. Beer balloon, children intestine wire, a plane that crashed twice, is able to be built back, and fighting over a gas station. Easily the worst writing and entertainment in TWDU imo.

  7. If my parents are doctors, then yea, I'd rather get them then a normal doctor. They've seen me before, so it's less embarrassing 🤷

  8. Chatters using x as a scapegoat to explain their behavior and delusion :7338:

  9. The fetus cannot survive without the mother until 22 weeks at a minimum. Even then the likely hood of survival is low. Abortions should be legal until 22 weeks. Most women get them well before that though. Or, it’s performed later due to health reasons.

  10. Hey, so thanks for the great source. Honest question tho, is the ability to survive on your own the thing that dictates life? Like, infants can't support themselves, they still have to be fed, cleaned, and taken care of. Imo it should be when consciousness begins, but I don't believe that is able to be determined... Right? Genuine question btw, I don't want to fight, just have a decent Convo. I'm willing to change my opinion.

  11. Hey, I just want to say good on you for being open to discussion and new information! Literally that alone will take you super far.

  12. Great explanation! I truly appreciate this insight. You bring up several great points, especially your mention of organ donation. Super helpful. Hopefully I can solidify my beliefs, and then keep evolving them to eventually get what is considered the "most true" answer. Again, thanks.

  13. Nightmare fuel. This is so scary in games, idk why.

  14. Tbh, the right option for me are both of them. I watch because Alicia but I want to cry so bad. I am really pissed about 7x14.

  15. I just finished watching it. If you don't mind, could you explain why you don't like it? I personally thought it was a great episode.

  16. Spotless kitchen because he doesn’t cook and only eats takeout breakfast lunch and dinner.

  17. Ok? If that's what he wants, why do you have an issue?

  18. Because he makes it sound like he’s better than other people lol

  19. Ok? He's bragging that his kitchen is clean, if his kitchen is clean I don't see an issue.

  20. I'm enjoying it. It's quite fun, and the characters are cool. I think it's overly hated imo.

  21. Yeah unless old lady charged at him with the knife I’m not really seeing why he was able or allowed to discharge his firearm

  22. She started to walk forward, you can see the blur.

  23. You can see her step forward but she didn’t charge the man. Did she lose her life in this instance?

  24. I assume she did. Two shots to the chest... I agree, he shouldn't have shot.

  25. The people in this comment section have never been outside of the U.S, and also, are scared of any male that interacts with them apparently. He wasn't threatening, he wasn't rude, she didn't tell him "no thanks". Y'all are fuming with misandry bc a guy talked to a mentally ill woman on a residential street.

  26. Pretty sexist for them to stipulate that girls must wear dresses and cannot wear jeans. Both have rules doesn’t rule out sexism unless the rules are the same for both.

  27. And boys can only wear jeans... Your point? Dress norms are present for both genders. How can it be sexist if both genders are forced to wear specific clothing for their gender?

  28. Wdym? Imagine dragons, fall out boy, metal bands, etc. Christian groups often times see them as evil. It's weird.

  29. Guys, I understand some of you don't like the quality of season 7... But this is honestly not bad at all. It's a show, they don't have an incredible budget. Anyone comparing this to the main show carnival deer is braindead. I criticize and critique CGI all the time, even in major franchises like marvel, this isn't bad in the slightest.

  30. That CGI deer from the main show was unforgivable, considering it always had a bigger budget than Fear, they should've just cut that scene if they couldn't get it to look properly.

  31. What a hero.. . Shooting a woman in the back as she ran away. Regardless what they did before that, that's just wrong in my book.

  32. Finally a good take. I love the game, but it's not Zelda imo. Just feels a bit too traditional. The dungeons are lackluster, and the bosses are downright bad. Although, the master trials was golden, it's locked behind dlc.

  33. This is why when people say "ohhh, old people are so cute and sweet" I sincerely disagree. I've met more elderly that were jerks, then elderly that were friendly. So condescending and arrogant.

  34. So you're okay with saving one girl instead of the entire human race?

  35. My friends and I super disagree on this topic. I tried to argue that Joel is morally and ethically wrong in this scenario, but I can see his perspective, and still love his character. They blasted me that there's no way I could use someone I love to end an apocalypse, to which I said I'm pretty certain I could.

  36. Metal gear solid (original PS1 version)

  37. Majority of the audience (including myself now) is adults. Very gory, and dark. Horror and thriller vibes, with a 80's feel. I never personally lived in the 80's or even the 90's yet I adore the show.

  38. TWD has been fantastic since the end of the Negan arc. What are you on about? Lol

  39. He did absolutely nothing wrong. Told her how he sees her, and that he enjoys that. He never told her she couldn't be kawaii but didn't want to make her act a way he thought she was doing for him. Yea, how he went about it could be better, but honestly her getting upset is worse than what he did.

  40. I don't understand why people dislike this season so much. In fact, season 6 and 7 seem to get too much hate (obviously 6 gets less). Yea, they can be crazy and unrealistic at times, but they are genuinely entertaining. I enjoyed all of the episodes until the mid season, and then I've enjoyed 11 and 12. Imo people's expectations are too high, but that might not be the case🤷

  41. That's correct yes. It was essentially sexual harassment, then assault with pepper spray. That male is fucking crazy and gone in the head.

  42. Would that be considered assault, since they were following him, and she attacked him with something? Obviously he deserved it, but wondering if that would constitute as assault.

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