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  1. 100%. I like(d) Kanye when he was fresh, and before his personal issues started to affect his focus (meant with respect). It’s like he became cheap, or misread where modern music was going, I can’t put my finger on it.

  2. I read it as, he started realizing that fame was flooding in and felt that everything after that had to blow his fans minds, even if it meant sacrificing his persona. It was right around the time when he did that whole smile/seriousface GIF which made me think he was still trying to get the hang of it. That was the end for me. He forgot that fans already liked him for the work he did, me included, and just ignored his past work to change into Yeezy, the controversial rapper who thrives off of it, which is the polar opposite of why I liked him in the first place. I mean, I see why. More money and more fame but it felt like he became a whole new entity that runs on what others say rather than the old Kanye that actually put in work. In fact, I see it happening with a lot of new artists. Shit it's happening with entertainment as a whole. Tik Tok is a great example. One rando does this quirky thing and it goes viral. Then every "influencer" jumps on the bandwagon to try and jump on the train by copying them. Of course, it's never on par. It's a double-edged sword, though. We, as fans, have no right to tell them how they should be rapping and the artist strays further away from the person that the fans first fell in love with, which makes those fans feel cheated. Now the copycat's fans get disheartened because "This isn't the content I followed them for." and the "influencer" feels like why don't my fans like me anymore. The thing I hate about all this is it's no longer organic. Artists from the 80's and earlier changed a bunch, Chicago, Jefferson Starship, etc. for example, but they didn't change because the fans said they were getting stale. They changed because they realized they needed to, whether it was for or against their fanbase. Nowadays, artists are "inspired" by hate and counter-culture, which has nothing to do with their fanbase. Then the "copycat"crowd jumps on the band wagon and everything starts sounding the same, continuing the cycle. This tread is filled with the new fans that like his crazy persona. They know nothing and haven't experienced any of what I just wrote because when they started getting into music, what we consider blasphemy from the artists are "just the norm" for the new heads. We feel scorned because it feels like he's catering to another crowd and when we voice it he treats us like we're the haters now. If you look at the big picture though, it's just copycats all the way down and no more originality. I'm going to stop now. Sorry for the wall-o-text. I sometimes get into these ramblings but it helps me process my thoughts easier than just sitting and thinking about it. I hope this is making sense. I'm just typing words as they come into my head.

  3. I wouldn’t necessarily say bands change because they think they should, and change is probably the wrong word. There’s natural evolution for any artist of any media, artists in theory should always be looking to or wanting to evolve (and evolve doesn’t mean change, it just means… evolve!).

  4. Yes! Evolve is a more fitting term. I'd go as far as to say "adapt" is just as fitting.

  5. This is what happens when the GOP pass draconian laws without thinking it through.

  6. I feel they know they're losing their "fanbase" and have gone full retard with it. "If we can't be happy then no one can."

  7. Man, the Neckbeards are gonna eat this up, aren't they?

  8. BTW, can we get someone to upscale that video? All kinds of shit films from the turn of the last century getting up-scaled and AI-improved; this video needs to be in HD so the current generation can see it and not lose interest in ten seconds...

  9. Who's got the lowdown on the sub that hosts this kind of content? This and the video where the dad watches his daughter slip on ice and they both proceed to watch the other kids slipping really paddles my canoe.

  10. Most definitely. It's sad that even when "If You Could Read My Mind" came out in 1970 the highest position it hit was number 5 but the Beatles were still around and so were so many incredible bands back then.

  11. So true. I dig for older songs from before the '80's nowadays. Everytime, I find a new song I forgot about or a new group I never heard of. Yesterday's group was

  12. Very cool:) In the 90s I used to go to the library and just check out all their cds, and tapes and listen to them, to see if I could find some songs and bands I had never heard of which I would like, I discovered many great bands and songs that way:)

  13. I lived on Soulseek. Similar to Napster but with rarer songs and full albums you could download and/or listen to. I still have those files on a jump drive somewhere.

  14. Hmm, you have the exact same story as me, save for me hearing the William Orbit Version first. My friend gave me a CD with it. He was from a bigger city over and it just popped off there. I never rolled or been to a rave before hearing that track but after hearing it, I had to check it out. From there I searched for it but came across Tiesto's mix from the Search for Sunrise Mix. From there, same story.

  15. It doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Absolutely true. But what is also absolutely true is that leadership is promoting tourism at the expense of everything else.

  16. Don't forget the Sewage Treatment plant that's held together with one and a half bolts and is approximately 70 years overdue. I swear Biden released the infrastructure package a couple of months ago to the tune of 1.7 Trillion. Maybe we could use that to fix it. Nah, let's unnecessarily fix the road to it and take 5+ years and a whole lane out of the equation. In fact, one unnecessary road construction isn't enough. Let's fuck up Uka side too. No one wants the ocean, right? /s

  17. As I see it the reason for the dearth of opportunity for advanced technology employment here is the provincial attitude from local leadership that continues to favor tourism over all else, principally because it traditionally provided more tax revenue per visiting person than any other industry. Then it became easy to ignore infrastructure, housing, utilities modernization and education updating, all of which stresses the local population, and the money then goes into the pockets of shadow mainland investors for things like HART, HECO and the construction industry.

  18. Very well put. This may come off as an unpopular opinion but why don't the Hawaiians blame OHA for how they spend their money? I've yet to see any real good they've done for the Kanaka Maoli. Seriously, if there was anything that anyone seen as a good move on their part, I'd like to hear about it. From where I stand now, I haven't seen anything of that nature. Please, prove me wrong. Aren't they supposed to help keep our Aina, well, our Aina? Monorails don't really help the locals as much as it caters the tourists. The stadium did need an overhaul but was that a main priority? For what? Pro Bowl and an annual concert or two? I think there are way bigger fish to fry.

  19. I just realized that this was on a comment thread and not a DM. WTF Pu!? Fine, I've got nothing to hide. Let everyone in the world see how low you can go. Man, how far you've fallen.

  20. Test you? I've forgotten about you for the last 6 months. I'm not the one who decided to "test". This isn't your sub to mod or control. Look, I said what I have to say. I can see how it looked sus when I had to message you with an alt. acct. but it was the only way I could get in touch with you because of the ban and I had no other way of contacting you. This also was just unfortunate timing as the ban happened a day before the meetup. I can see how a misunderstanding on my part made this blow up. Like I said before, I take my free time seriously since I don't have much for reasons stated above. You are a more casual with meetups. I thought you held the meet up at a higher regard, especially since we kept confirming it almost monthly. As for the reason for the ban, yes, it was for using the word fxg. I responded to an ACAB'er that said all cops should be killed by calling him an "ACAB FXG" thinking fxg was alright seeing that it could also mean a bundle of sticks. I did not use the whole word, fxggot. I'm fine with you banning me from your sub. That's your sub and you have the right. What I'm not fine with is you taking offense to my comment above and putting me on blast like this is your sub to control. I have a right to have my own opinion just as you do but to use my opinion that was not directed at you as a reason to ban me in another sub is overstepping and abusing your "power". Keep that shit to the subs you mod. Another overstep is you involving mutual friends in this when they have nothing to do with the situation. That's some petty elementary school bullshit. Why do you need others to fight your battles for you. Feel like maybe your words might not be enough? You're just proving me right by your actions, just like I said above. I've addressed everything that was said in the comments above. If you feel the need to confront me or have anything else to say, please do it in a DM from now on. Stop acting like a child.

  21. Our community where I grew up in Kansas, maintained the parks and cemetery, and it’s just always felt right to do. I don’t think of it as a hobby, just a way to preserve history and show respect.

  22. Check your DM's. I know of a group that has members like you, from the mainland, that could use some help.

  23. I really like this song, and I think I heard it recently but I can't remember when, so cool:)

  24. Those are the best kinds. The one's that tickle that spot in your brain. Wonder if there's a word for it?

  25. I prefer the original, one of my favorite Eurythmics songs but this more ballad-like version is terrific.

  26. I must've missed this one because I only heard this version a couple of days ago. I know of Dave and love "Lily Was Here." Now I gotta watch this movie.

  27. Number 1 on the Billboard dance club play chart the first week of October 2001.

  28. Another one! One of the few Vocal Trance tracks that did it right. This was on the same CD I made with "Sliver Screen Shower Scene".

  29. I guarantee you that this video will end up on some Facebook ad. My feed is full of video that they just take from Tik Tok, Reddit, etc.

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