1. Not knowing that Elemental Reactions that deal increased damage are a thing, and just went "Unga-Bunga" on enemies with whatever I had.

  2. If I'm building Yelan as more of a Sub-DPS, would it be a good idea to prioritize getting higher ER on her over EM or CRIT?

  3. If I'm planning on having a sole Electro character (in this case, Cyno) be the one who would trigger the Dendro cores in a Hyberbloom team setup, what kind of stats should I prioritize on Cyno when building him to optimize the damage, like CRIT Rate / DMG, EM, ER, etc.? Or would there be others who would be better for the job?

  4. Just got Cyno from the current Cyno banner. If I can't get his signature weapon, what's the best F2P polearm for him?

  5. What's the next best Artifact set option for Yao Yao, if she's in a team where there's another Dendro character that already has the 4pc Deepwood set?

  6. Not the question asked, but are you trying to do hyperbloom? In that case I'd switch beidou to a different electro character, since she's bad at hitting the cores (unless you're using her E as soon as it's ready, but that's still far from ideal)

  7. Sort-of. But outside of both Beidou and Lisa, I don't really have any other Electro characters that were better for Hyperbloom, so for now I use Beidou more as a placeholder (using her Elemental skill to enable Hyperbloom with the Bloom cores as as soon as it's ready as you described, or using her to do Aggnavate/Quicken) until I can get someone such as Shinobu or Keqing.

  8. I'm currently using a party setup of Yanfei, Xingqiu, Dendro Lumine / Traveler, and YaoYao which uses the Bloom, Burgeon, and Burning reactions to deal damage in combat.

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