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  2. Would love marshal!! I have a plot open!

  3. Hi marshal is not one of the ten. Pls see pic on the post

  4. I was at the park once, and I had shaved my head, and this lady walked past me, looked at me, and said, "You are so strong. Cancer is the worst" and walked away 😭😭

  5. Hi! Sorry it's already full for the night. Perhaps next time!🥺🥹

  6. Hi! Can you start a reddit chat with me please. Thanks!

  7. I follow them on insta. The best codes with free gifts are usually on there

  8. I ended up giving away all of them to the women's shelter cos I was too addicted to collecting them 😭😭

  9. Do you have an open plot now to adopt within the next 5 mins?

  10. What does it mean when villagers are ungifted, slightly gifted, or gifted?

  11. Ungifted means I have never given them any items or clothes before so they won't randomly be wearing clothes that aren't preset and won't have any random items that weren't in their original house. Sometimes people say lightly gifted if they've only given their villagers an item or two

  12. Ah! Thank you so much. I kept wondering what it meant. I didn’t know clothes or items transferred over!

  13. Hehhe ya. And their catch phrases transfer over too so people usually go to isabelle and reset it before they put their villagers up for adoption. Of course you can also reset it at your own time after adopting them

  14. He looks like he just got served for a caternity lawsuit

  15. Hello! Pls send me a chat, smth wrong with my reddit. She is still available

  16. Sorry you didn't make the first comment. Pls try again later

  17. Smthing went with my reddit, pls start a reddit chat with me!

  18. Which one is the reward? Sorry I don't own the product. Is it the one on the right?

  19. My day hasn't been too bad! Procrastinating homework by playing animal crossing, but that's okay :)

  20. Hello pls send me a pm! (Something wrong with my reddit)

  21. interested! I can stick to the instructions/rules

  22. Hello pls send me a pm! (Something wrong with my reddit)

  23. That is interesting! I mostly use it on my body anyways, so this is good to know because I already have acne prone skin! Don't want to make it worse!

  24. Hehe yea I was wondering and emailed them before on their website, if a product is non-comedogenic, they would list in on the product description. They didn't do it for this cream so I got curious and emailed to confirm. They suggest getting the one specifically for face if you wanna use it for the face !

  25. I've emailed them before. Ultra repair intense hydration is comedogenic and not meant for the face

  26. I went to get it from Alldaychemist and it’s asking when the best time to call is. What information do they need when they call?

  27. What happened for me was. I loaded up my cart and put in my contact info etc. And got stuck at the payment page as I had no idea how to pay without a credit card. They called me a few days later just to ask if I had issues checking out and they helped me with it from there. I paid by zelle in the end

  28. I'm using the same one! Hehe it feels okay for me, I do experience some skin peeling the next day or the day after

  29. Most clay masks are similar and I’ve tried A LOOOT working at Sephora.. Just get this one lol

  30. Good to know 🤣🤣😭 i will probably just get this as my introduction to clay mask partly due to the price point too. Thank you for the information!!

  31. I like the Innisfree one because it does the job and isn’t ridiculously priced. I have the Caudalie one and to this day I can’t believe I ever paid $50 for it lmao.. it does nothing amazing and nothing the Innisfree can’t do.

  32. Aww thanks for the info! The reviews on caudalie was pretty good too so I wasn't sure if it was worth the price? Thanks for the info!

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