BTS has been nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance - 'My Universe' and for Best Music Video - 'Yet to Come' at the 2023 Grammy Awards

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  1. Halloween is my + my partner's favorite holiday so it will be exciting to have our little muffin join the adventure in time for that. 🎃

  2. thank you! To be honest it would've not occurred to me to even think about this literally less than a week after I know I'm pregnant lmao. We may be moving before we have this kid so it's a little tricky to plan so far ahead but it's definitely got me thinking. I wonder what else I'm supposed to be living far in the future about...

  3. Hi! Tested positive this past Sunday after a late period (used ClearBlue). Going for my confirmation appt and ultrasound next Monday when I'll be at 6 weeks! So far, just feel like I'm still about to get my period any day lol, and my boobs are very juicy (no complaints!) Haven't really had much nausea or other stomach issues minus PMS-type cramps.

  4. The women I know who have become mothers in the past few years are successful women in their careers etc. and seem to be happy being parents and willingly made that choice. A lot of them do have nannies helping but overall it seems like a positive experience for them. It seems to be mainly boomers with the negative comments! My other group of friends are still child-free and some may never have them, but have been supportive of the idea of me being a "cool mom", which I hope to live up to lol.

  5. It be like that. Social media in general is like that. Try hard making a clever post with some word play, meh. Make something interesting and informational, meh. Make a post with some basic shit like “I love gooey cookies” and the thing lights it up.

  6. this is how a secondary social acct of mine (originally intended to just be for fun/low pressure) ended up way more popular than my main acct attached to my IRL identity (a prison as it turns out - thanks Zuck for making that a millennial norm)

  7. well-needed reminder. tiktok feels like where the conversation is (and it's true) but somehow it doesn't feel like a place to share your actual work if that makes sense? it's more like posting a video about what you plan to work on/a thought about your field may do better than the thing itself, which is depressing but kind of funny.

  8. TBH i'm giving this low effort strategy a shot even though the whole inspo for making the acct was to post HQ videos and challenge myself to grow in my editing skills. oh well!

  9. My cholesterol went up. Maybe a coincidence, going to test again in Spring. Young, healthy, no issues before.

  10. Coachella is a very Millennial oriented festival (aka its peak association) and sadly (some not all!) Millennials are starting to lose their grasp on cultural dominance/keeping up with current music. Two of the three headliners are more Gen Z targeted and Gen Z doesn’t seem as into festivals tbh. At the same time this reinvention was drastically needed, and I think it will pay off in the long run to keep a younger, more global perspective.

  11. At your height you can be any type. Try on the recs and see what looks best. If you have truly broad shoulders that you need to accommodate, you’re probably not FG. FG styling is kind of a nightmare for broader shoulders/upper body width.

  12. just tested positive on a PCR after testing negative on a rapid over the weekend. In the northeast and pretty sure this is the variant that got me. everyone is coughing and sick here and i doubt most people are bothering to test, let alone report their results anymore. sooo many people have this right now and probably don’t even know.

  13. basically same as first time (BA2 era) but a lighter version. I was surprised it was Covid at all because I was able function semi-normally.

  14. I'm gonna get downvoted for this but at this point western music outlets know they're gonna spend days dealing with it if they don't put BTS on lists like this (and they'll get a lot of free clicks if they do). JK has a perfectly fine voice, by pure instrumental standards and by the way he uses it (although I wouldn't even say he's the best vocalist in BTS, I think that's V by a long shot), and I get why they put him on here but IMO it's a defense mechanism, lol.

  15. Rolling Stone proved they aren’t in it just for clicks long ago. They’ve radically changed their editorial approach in recent years to become more global and BTS (alongside Bad Bunny) are a huge reason why. At this point, Rolling Stone is leading the convo on integrating k-pop coverage into serious music journalism in the west and it’s being hailed as a positive change (I agree). I expect it to only grow more prominent. A huge # of their Top 100 songs from last year were Korean, which was great to see. Jungkook and IU being included here is important and symbolic and well-deserved and also is a clue to where RS’s editorial priorities currently stand. They could have easily used someone like Harry or Justin for clicks but didn’t.

  16. This is very subjective. Blair looked amazing and more put together in nearly every outfit. Serena just looked trendy, nothing special or interesting to look at. I’m really not sure what is meant by “harmonious” because I’m not sure that my goal in dressing is to look… un-noteworthy.

  17. a lot of people get so caught up in the idea of harmony that they forget other elements of what makes style interesting. it’s like getting so intent in making a “balanced” meal that the chef forgets to make it delicious and memorable.

  18. Change Pt 2 is just so bizarre, unexpected, and cool. Love the album but this is the one for me.

  19. He recorded that drunk as a demo and that's the take that ended up making it to the album! 😅

  20. lol that is so classic - i feel like a lot of amazing songs happen that way

  21. Thank you! It’s my first application not a renewal, do you think that will impact anything?

  22. not 100% sure but you can look up an application number and see if they allow you to change the processing speed. otherwise i’d call them and see!

  23. Called and paid for expedited service and shipping so we will see! If I don’t see a change in the status online then I’ll be contacting my congressional reps. Fingers crossed I don’t have to.

  24. Interesting how I’ve seen her discussed here before and everyone was sure she was FG and thought she looked “short.” I never agreed with that but it’s funny to see the variation in response. She has a real ethereal essence in person but I probably would vote D or narrow side of FN through the Kibbe lens. I do think she’s learned to dress to maximize her height and really plays up her angles in photos to look heroic in photo shoots etc. It fits her fantasy/cosplay/otherworldly image.

  25. What an interesting variation in perceived height! Could it be shoulders being straight that make her seem taller? A friend of mine (SD) is taller than me (N/FN) but everyone thinks I’m much taller. My shoulders are very straight and wide while here are extremely sloped.

  26. Interesting general point about N shoulders and I think it applies to my own situation (broad shoulders and vertical helping me look taller than my height). That said, my impression of Claire in person was someone very narrow, dancer-like and delicate, but it’s not like I was visually measuring her frame. I think she photographs as more imposing than she appears in person. She was a very sweet girl! This was about a year before she really broke out with Visions.

  27. long straightish line between chest and knees — note you can have this at any height and you can have this and still be short-waisted/long-legged (for example, many models). it’s honestly sometimes easier to see it in action by experimenting with what flatters you more — dressing for vertical (long unbroken lines) or otherwise.

  28. Yeah - I have the upper shoulder and back width to qualify as FN but also am short-waisted with a tapered waist. I can’t do some of the bulky unstructured tops some would assume FN can pull off but can do a) long and slinky/body-con b) unstructured but with open neckline, bloused/tied up waist. Overall I prefer shorter tops and experiment with all kinds of pants/bottoms because most of my length is there. My own principle is letting my longest parts do the talking/expressing. ;)

  29. But I think this is what personal lines/accommodations ARE about as you said. No system can perfectly specify what’s right for you and your body, and I think ultimately going off-prescription and following their own hunches and observations is what most people end up doing :)

  30. I’m a FN who does the blousing effect with unstructured blouses (or more often, wears shorter tops that naturally cling more to the body). Ever since I was a kid, I always hated having long, untucked shirts and the tunic era of the late 00s and early 2010s was a low point for finding tops I liked. Part of this may just be the fashion ideals I was raised on. But part of it is that because my hip shelf is high, I don’t like to interrupt or obscure my leg line whatsoever.

  31. FN. And her vibe is the exact opposite of what I’d associate with FG.

  32. As a FN, I love wrap blouses and sweaters, too. Especially with open necklines.

  33. I’m someone who does not accommodate curve but I prefer clothing to fit well around the waist as it’s my narrowest point and compliments my vertical and T shape and also enforces where I want to draw my visual center, as I am high-waisted/high-hipped. I don’t do any cinching/belts/anything specifically structured there. It can literally be lowkey, like a shirred waist or even just a lazy French tuck on an otherwise loungey shirt. I think this falls under “waist definition” in the most broad sense. That’s my personal experience with dealing with my waist as a likely FN!

  34. really? they have 3 nominations for these Grammy's now, I'd be surprised if they didn't go tbh. Namjoon was watching the nominations even though it's very late in Korea, somehow I think they are still invested and want that award. I'm really happy for them anyway : )

  35. yes, I think they are far from 'over' the Grammys just because they haven't won their 2 noms yet. some people go decades lol...

  36. 5-time nominees, 2018 me is shook. I knew it would come, but it's still incredibly gratifying to see.

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