1. Yeah iam tired of those idiot surge "mains" taking over hunters and being so damn toxic, and also back when he had the teleport gadget I was actually skilled with him but now I've devolved since he became such a no skill brawler, but thankfully iam regaining my skill with him.

  2. Honestly I never thought I’d say it but I miss Surge when he had his teleport. He couldn’t aim his super then and didn’t have the op shield gadget.

  3. Why’d they nerf superman😐Should have given him a light rework instead of nerfing his best shit. He has some god awful matchups now that his down special is ass.

  4. you’re corny. redditors can never have a gotcha moment in a way that isn’t corny as fuck.

  5. Reddit comments in general or extremely corny lol.

  6. That's a good point. Maybe there's some technology in the future that you can use to make your skin whiter and she used it to disguise her identity.

  7. Considering how shit your English has been thus far, I highly doubt that.

  8. Well, I’m getting older so the game isn’t as much of a hobby anymore as it is a brief distraction when I have some time. And overall, I’d say it’s great at being that. Theres no ads, the gameplay is great for an app (and just game in general), there’s a lot to unlock (even though I have all the brawlers by now, I still have sp’s and gadgets), and it’s competitive enough that I get invested in matches but not so much that I have to care about the meta, even at higher trophies.

  9. This is not the hood. Why is this the same title every time this gets posted? Because they are black? That is no home in the hood.

  10. People say “hood” for literally everything with black people but for this video him drawing a gun so quickly makes it seem like he lives or lived in a dangerous area, so the title isn’t terrible.

  11. Characters are done with so much care. It feels like you’re the character and it’s not just a skin thrown on some fighter archetype. Even when they pack references like with Rick and Morty, their moves still go together and play off of each other well.

  12. What does this mean? You don’t trust studies?

  13. Please do one of these for tanks. They aren’t quite as good but some are pretty good in the meta right now.

  14. Really hope people give this game a fair chance. See so many writing it off because of re-used models and copying dbd, but it felt really fresh and fun to me.

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