1. Not to mention the top three or four contenders in the UFC. I'd favour Figgy in a fight against Gooch or DJ - and there's no way Moraes could make 125 in any organization.

  2. Before. DJ says he considers himself a BW and won't cut to 125 again, and Moraes is significantly bigger.

  3. DJ is as much a Flyweight as Moraes these days.

  4. Do they? Who competed at that weight?

  5. Oliveira has 30 fights, 21 wins, 19 finishes, 16 submissions, 18 fight night bonuses (right behind Cowboy @ number one) and 40 sub attempts.

  6. In the sidebar, if you're on desktop.

  7. where can we find RISE events to watch?

  8. For free on Abema. I'll drop a website with schedule next week.

  9. Google 'Abema Fighting' and that's a free stream that's unblocked when RISE is streaming. Don't need much more.

  10. Nah. Gaethje vs Alvarez 2 or Chandler vs Alvarez 3 lol

  11. Nastyukhin and especially Ok Rae Yoon are good names, but nothing from those performances suggest he could still hang with anyone in the top 5 in the UFC. Even Folayang beat his ass till he subbed him.

  12. The battle for the no. 1 P4P spot gone.

  13. Would have liked to see the Aoki trilogy, but can't say I'm surprised.

  14. How often can we watch these? Source?

  15. After the kick, the kicking leg goes into a check/teep position instead of retracting and landing immediately. Superlek does it a lot, a teep to the thigh or body immediately after a kick

  16. It is, I'm stupid. Didn't pay attention because he tagged Phanomrunglek.

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