1. Protesters have stormed Libya’s parliament in the eastern city of Tobruk and set parts of it ablaze, venting their anger at deteriorating living conditions and months of political deadlock.

  2. I repeat, and I've been warning since before the Shangai lockdowns started, leave this country as soon as possible if you value freedom at all. While you still can.

  3. Any backstory on this? Us Green card is most likely fake. Chinese passport is 100% possible

  4. So why did you write about green cards?

  5. Because rumors on WeChat also mention green cards but can't confirm which green cards they are referring to

  6. video from one high ranked politician being evacuated while being beaten and stoned by protesters

  7. Crisis-hit Sri Lanka has run out of petrol and is unable to find dollars to finance essential imports, the new prime minister said Monday in an address to the nation.

  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/05/10/asia/sri-lanka-protests-police-shoot-intl-hnk/index.html?espv=1

  9. Not a devil link with Google's amp. Ick. :)

  10. China the place where you are not even allowed to be sick in your home

  11. Shanghai is an economically important city and one of the most explosive property price leaders. This has to be more than just about control and economics because through those lenses the lockdown doesn't make sense. I would suspect the slow pace of the lockdown is about rounding up someone's faction, and using one capture to lead to another.

  12. I agree there's something fishy going on which makes it even worse

  13. How can you get away with turning one of the biggest metros in the world into a giant prison?

  14. Often times the sizing of a solar array starts at the AC size of the existing electrical equipment as there are codes and other regulations that will place limitations there. Adding more DC (solar panels) will fatten the production curve and provide more power per dollar than installing a larger inverter in most cases.

  15. Model it. If you are off grid, your system is going to be oversized for 95% of the year anyways.

  16. The only limiting factor for this array we are trying to configure is the roofs size.

  17. First layer - Bark Second layer - Moss/leaves Outer layer - Mud(and more bark if possible)

  18. No. Imo the 5.11 is about bottom of the list. It isn't designed for actual packing use. The osprey someone mentioned will be 1000x better. Go to a high end store and get sized. Let them properly fit you and distribute weight on your hips. Close to back and trend forward not back. The net balance should allow the cg just over your center mass.

  19. Marine combat load is that much. Even we kept a pack load at 60lb or less. It depends as much on load distribution as anything. Drag a sled? Try a deer pack out rig? Plenty of times I had a heavy on back and a light pack on front with straps behind me, kinda reversed.

  20. This is an "appeal to cavemen" argument but if you are having a hard time imagining it just think about the cavepeople. A successful omnivore when food is difficult to find is likely to be damn good at holding on to an unexpected calorie bonanza. When people don't get to choose when they eat, it's a clear evolutionary advantage to be able to take on an unexpected surplus when it comes.

  21. Yes exactly that's why I'm looking into junk food to make my diet as efficient as possible.

  22. These claims of “efficiency” about your body processing calories differently based on meal timing or what your “organs can absorb” have been debunked and there is no data to support. Look up Kevin Halls studies at the NIH.

  23. I just want to know if you have an x amount of food to eat per day, would it better to fast and eat it all in one go or spread it, in order to get the most calories out of it.

  24. As a Syrian, i can assure that life does not stop in war. you still have to go to work most of the time, unless the shelling is targeting your neighborhood or place of work.

  25. Sorry didn't mean any disrespect, I'm shocked to know now this is how it goes.

  26. exactly >>> and anyone that thinks bugging out to the west part of the country is good enough - doesn't understand military theory .....

  27. yes am not Ukrainian I'm just wondering what options do people have there if any

  28. yes thats the thing I'm pondering about, if having a constant pace with lower loads makes sense at the end of the day, my body says yes but my instinct says no, that the ideal should be between complete comfort and pain

  29. What is you current comfortable carrying weight on that hike? If it's 30 it would take you 7 trips, you could probably safely increase to 40 and slow down a bit and do it in 5 saving 2 trips and probably building strength.

  30. yes I've done 30 but struggling quite a bit, i don't know if by adding 10 more pounds am gonna have to stop to catch my breath way too often

  31. It does have fewer calories (available) if you are absorbing less than you normally would.

  32. I believe it's not important, but obviously i could be wrong

  33. Learn about C-rate and use Amps / Ah not Wh.

  34. Thank you and yeah sorry i don't know much of what I'm talking about.

  35. Been using homemade bucket feeders with no problems. I’m in a sub-division with 50 houses and two other beekeepers. I’ve got 5 mature hives in my backyard. A few comments on Reddit is not definitive.

  36. Cool can you tell me how it works out for you? Because I feel my neighbor bees are way more aggressive than mine

  37. Open feeding is always a bad idea

  38. Might be a stupid question, but why are you trying to build a separate system instead of expanding the one you already have?

  39. oh simply because it's for our barn about 500 yards away from the other system

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