1. They all get their stuff from wholesale places like Jetro and this one in LI (forgot the name). My friends dad owned one and when he bought the store, i asked him about the name and if there was goin to be any issues, he said na, it was just like a normal name. So yea they all just use that name and it seems no ones really sued or said shit.

  2. Very good friend of mine is a cop in ENY. He hates it. Tells me they abuse most of the patrol cops with forced overtime while those in admin spots or “specialized” units gets to do things differently, for the better. He said its not the crime and 911 calls, as thats everywhere, but just the people in charge of administration are terrible and wont give 2 fucks if you have a wedding or a death. They will tell you gotta come in to work. I worry for my man, hopefully he quits.

  3. Therefore, although accurate and truthful, LGBTQ can only be used in positive portrayals.

  4. Listen, we must get ready for battle with Russia.

  5. Therefore, if it weren't for the high price of oil, Canada's GDP would be in the toilet. This 0.1% is not any kind of solace to me.

  6. Yes, now attempt to style the "meter" element. You'll return to using divs right away.

  7. This is a timeless piece. But I have never encountered this version before. Just the perspective from the side.

  8. Guys, don't worry; the time for nukes has not yet come. They need to lose 300k of their new army's untrained recruits first. Then it's time to use nuclear weapons.

  9. Since Ukraine launched its major offensive, it has been observed that the number of online trolls supporting Russia has drastically decreased, along with a general rise in unhappiness within Russia. There aren't many cyberattacks happening either. Even his devoted following has fallen silent, so it certainly appears that the tide has turned against Putin.

  10. Don't assume the person you offended on Telegram will just accept it and move on, as that video served as a reminder that actions taken online do have real-world repercussions.

  11. Dialogue philosophy deserves so much more prominence! An excellent reminder.

  12. In Ohio in the 1990s, when I was nine years old, I first learned about climate change.

  13. He's decreasing expectations, so that he seems okay when he doesn't literally eat the microphone.

  14. On the debate stage, Herschel should simply read off his college statistics.

  15. I didn’t read anything in that article that expresses gratitude to DeSantis, sounds like they’re grateful to the people who have been treating them well

  16. Do victims of trafficking typically express gratitude to their traffickers?

  17. With their zero covid policy that they imposed on the world, CCP really screwed themselves. Let's not forget that millions of people in China are still under lockdown because their government won't admit to its errors.

  18. Second richest man for 17 minutes precisely.

  19. Who's first, huh? I mistook it for Bezos.

  20. The trailer appeared to be completely useless. Although I like Branagh, I believe he erred in this case.

  21. Evidently, there is someone out there who has no concept of what a poor society is like.

  22. For free? If you have mine let me know. I had to replace my phone recently but didn't store in the cloud. Would like to get the pics, vids, mess back if I could.

  23. Remember that the "US border" is legally defined as anything that is 100 miles or less from the US borders. According to estimates, two out of every three Americans reside there.

  24. And how exactly are countrys like Qatar even able to send anyone to a human rights forum?

  25. Israel, however, is not cordial enough with those who oppose their existence.

  26. Consider how the end-of-the-world occurrence in Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy was an extremely sudden and unexpected collapse of glaciers and ice sheets in the Antarctic that resulted in the flooding of coastal regions and, ultimately, mass migration over the course of just about a single decade.

  27. Soldiers serving under Putin: "Well, let me just say that we're huge fans."

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