1. Why does this commenter ask questions so aggressively?

  2. Loving this game. It's got strong execution of an ambitious vision. Feels like black mirror + metal gear + graphic novels. Everyone should give it a try. It is easy to start up, no long intro and intuitive controls.

  3. OP is a new karma farming account reposting to an unrelated subreddit. Check the profile for recent comments on a "Free karma" subreddit.

  4. I had no idea, someone else posted this picture without much context over at

  5. Ok, just checked and the reddit account on that other post is new and actively engaged in karma farming, check their profile and recent comments on a "Free karma for you" subreddit. Best to disengage?

  6. You took what I said too literally. There’s not a secret underground lab where a guy works every day transmuting elements for the government while twirling his mustache lol.

  7. Everybody thinking colliders are for Mandela effects and black hole creation. Break it apart and put it back together. That's how Legoland works. Nice side effect is high energy interactions produce antimatter too. If you channel certain subatomic particle streams at matter, it absolutely transmutes. Electron capture is a rabbit hole to poke your head in.

  8. I think we need more Data to say that conclusively.

  9. Any same couch co-op recommendations? My wife and I have some free time this weekend and are looking for a new one.

  10. Overcooked 1 and Overcooked 2 (or buy them together as Overcooked: All You Can Eat). Cute, fun, cook food together in levels that hate you!

  11. Stairs are limestone? Limestone dissolves in acidic water. Rainwater is naturally mildly acidic. Wet clothes/shoes dripping onto the stone over time can create a "flowstone" effect.

  12. Chewie shouldn't have jumped so high on his trampoline. Now he has a life debt. Kids, be careful.

  13. Look up ethics and morality. Some people are born with them, others get them from religion. Some people don't understand them but are afraid to break the rules anyway.

  14. Time is subjective, both actually and perceptually. Einsteinian special relativity says time is the same for everyone, but different for each perspective. Time and gravity are linked by space, and space is defined by distance and differences in energy density. Time cannot exist without distance. Distance cannot exist without time. Distance allows for differences in energy density, which produces gravity. Gravity affects the perception of time, due to distance and energy density.

  15. It looks like OP posted an AMP link. These should load faster, but AMP is controversial because of

  16. Here's what it would look like if it was really sentient:

  17. Not only in 1800s. Great Fires happened all throughout the Middle Ages. London - 1133, 1212, 1633, 1666, 1678. Moscow - 1547, 1571, 1737, 1812. Prague -1541, 1689, 1881...

  18. At night, in every room you wanted to see anything, you needed something burning to give you light. Every illuminated room had a lit fuse attached to a fuel source. Wooden buildings were easy to build and burn. Stone buildings were hard to burn, but people might fill them with flammable furnishings and decorations.

  19. Try to make more people know you then. Pick up some social hobby in your local area, and you'll meet different people. Who knows, maybe of them owns a company that does things you can do and you'll get your start?

  20. This person wants to take work more seriously and find a job with increased compensation.

  21. I've been there. Massive, and right on the sea. If I remember correctly, there is a cave in the cliff underneath the castle.

  22. Look up Stellar's Jay. It's the version of the Jay they have in the western US, vs the Blue Jay in the eastern US.

  23. This subreddit is a total loss. I'm just here to throw life preservers in the water. Find a better place to discuss your ideas and opinions. It's just sharks and blood here now, my friend. Circling endlessly and biting anything that doesn't seem like another shark to them. Been that way for at least a few years.

  24. Whatever the solution, we have to ask ourselves What is different about America vs the rest of the world?"

  25. Firearm glorification as a ubiquitous cultural value. Starting from childhood.

  26. If you literally Google the song it still credits it to Weird Al.

  27. Americans literally require credentials for everything, except assault rifles.

  28. Bullies made all the rules. It wasn't the meek, for sure.

  29. Yup. Used to take cartloads of shit and just throw it in the compactor in the back. Always thought it was fucking insane.

  30. You're not wrong. It is insane. It's a symptom of a dysfunctional economy and an immoral society. Don't ever let them normalize it in your mind.

  31. I did part of a shift cross-training in “Vendor Returns”…perfectly good products, electronics, unopened shelf-stable food items, still-packaged clothing, new-in-box toys, all trashed.

  32. This is what climate-change deniers don't know about. Stuff like this, anyway. And this isn't the half of it.

  33. When a strange fact or figure is stated, the appropriate first reaction is this:

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