1. What are the consequences for Genetic engineering? I’m not very knowledgeable in that subject.

  2. It caps cost sharing at $35, it can have the same increase in insurance costs that Obamacare had

  3. "Funny thing about verifiable historical facts - they don't magically stop being factual just because you refuse to accept them."

  4. The republican freak out about CRT is exactly this, they want the whitewashed propaganda history only

  5. One day the vulcans beam you up to your very own starship. It has space for 2500 people, advanced weapons, warp drive, replicators, holodecks, the works.

  6. Perhaps number one if it made me rich too. I wouldn’t want to sell the ship itself, I mean that in the wrong hands could be an issue. I don’t want to start an unnecessary war, and I’d hate to pick and choose who can stay and go, yet I’d love that kind of power

  7. Indoor cats live much longer and healthier lives. As in 3-5x longer on average.

  8. In my high school in the 90s this happened. One student sprayed at another.... And soaked down the 5 people behind the intended target, as well as nuking the entire classroom so bad they had to evacuate for 2 days.

  9. I'm doing a brew next weekend. It is pretty easy, just like cooking with extra steps.

  10. Web scrapers are the way to do this. There are free ones, or you can write them using python and beautiful soup and requests if you know how to code. If not, message me,maybe we can come up with something

  11. Basically you tell them you know of the gold mine, tell them how much gold you think is there, and then get them to sign a contract for consulting that lays out your cut. There would be a small up front engagement fee and a larger back end success fee. But you don't tell them where the gold is until that contract is signed.

  12. Here is a really good summary of common themes of fascism. Scary close to modern political movements:


  14. It’s the decision that matters, not the argument

  15. If that's true they can decide tinyNorman no longer has freedom of speech or movement on the argument "because fuck you that's why". It's not the argument, it's the decision, right?!

  16. Another good one that actually happened: does an entire town on LSD to see what would happen

  17. Launch a preemptive nuclear strike to bring on the end of the world.

  18. Don't worry, the NC legislature will pass a bill banning transgender kids from bathrooms and another to tear down free electric vehicle charging stations, and that will fix all our state's problems forever and ever amen

  19. Transgender kids get cancer too. Electric vehicle stations are charged by the coal fired plants. The billion dollar lithium mine deal in Gaston co, should go through soon.

  20. Sorry, I was going for sarcasm and my intended message was that NC legislature spends all their time on nonsense instead of real problems like the ones you are working on.

  21. They basically decided that the application of the death penalty at the time was cruel and unusual because different people convicted of the same crime would get different penalties, then a few years later decided that if execution was applied fairly based on an intelligible and consistent standard, it was ok.

  22. Not legal advice, but life advice: cut all ties and move on with life. All the petty "getting back at.." games people play aren't worth it. What is your best case scenario? This girl gets in trouble with her parents, you say "ha ha, get rekt" and have a minute of relief or catharsis. That's not worth your time or effort.

  23. The galaxy brains who are feeding you this idea -- Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Dan bishop et al. -- are doing it to distract you. They don't want to talk about the massive failures in everything that could improve the real material conditions of the people. They don't want you wondering why we can't get reliable healthcare, good wages, power in our workplaces, good education for all, or a secure retirement. They want to distract you from those questions because the answer would cost their rich donors a big pile of money, which is all they really care about. So they play on your fear of out-groups to whip you up into hate and anger to prevent you from looking around and thinking of a better life.

  24. I recommend getting away from thinking of it as "everyday", which seems large and difficult.

  25. The earliest known aquarists were the Sumerians, who kept fishes in artificial ponds at least 4,500 years ago; records of fish keeping also date from ancient Egypt and Assyria. The Chinese, who raised carp for food as early as 1000 BCE, were probably the first to breed fish with any degree of success. Their selective breeding of ornamental goldfish was later introduced to Japan, where the breeding of ornamental carp was perfected. The ancient Romans, who kept fish for food and entertainment, were the first known marine aquarists; they constructed ponds that were supplied with fresh seawater from the ocean. Although goldfish were successfully kept in glass vessels in England during the middle 1700s, aquarium keeping did not become well established until the relationship between oxygen, animals, and plants became known a century later.

  26. So you drive out in the middle of nowhere, park on the road, then break out the wrenches and take the car apart?

  27. Isn’t that Melipklaynos from b99?

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