1. I will never be sarcastic on the internet again I have learnt my lesson

  2. Ah sorry. I have autism and I can’t tell when people are joking sometimes. Apologies, however hitler is not something to joke about.

  3. Got in a big argument, she started hanging out with another group of friends and we just never made up or talked again. It’s been over a year.

  4. I didn’t even know it was down because most days I don’t even go on Reddit.

  5. You have inspired my creative slime. It is oozing out of my brain… thank you.

  6. English it's my 3rd language . And I appreciate your criticism of my grammar, I'm not perfect and I always tried to improve .But, if you don't read my arguments, how do you expect to understand the depth of the question? More important Why fit my existence into a box as comfortable as a case of a "troll comment" .simplification ? , Laziness ? or because it is a challenge to what is accepted as the norm? . I will probably never get an honest answer on the subject, although I appreciate that you have commented.

  7. To be fair I mean within reason. If a chick puts her hands on me im hitting her wit dat wombo combo

  8. I hate sports. Whenever I play sports others make fun of me because my stamina isn’t good. And no one passes to me. Sports are miserable. I disagree.

  9. Just because you don’t like sushi, don’t mean everyone is faking it.

  10. Physically a 10 but had the personality of a tree stump and social skills of a rattlesnake.

  11. When she was mad at me for not making time for her when I was driving 40 minutes every weekend to hang out with her

  12. When he started screaming at me and calling me a fucking hacker and lit off on me in a psychotic tirade that made me weep openly over the phone, and then still kept calling me a hacker.

  13. I’d feel the exact same way. Sorry for your experiences ): Maybe therapy or limited screen time will help?

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