Inflation rose 8.6% in May, highest since 1981

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  1. The gun owner needs to be held responsible and charged with involuntary manslaughter for allowing the kids to obtain access to the guns.. that's the only way we are going to resolve this issue of kids getting ahold of guns.

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were the gun owners…

  3. The Navy told me that my eyeglasses counted as safety glasses. So I’ve stuck to that logic ever since then.

  4. Discount tires could probably shave $300 off the tires. Most of that other stuff could be easily done after watching a YouTube video for a fraction of the cost.

  5. These comments are wild he definitely abused her, he admitted to it on tape, then sued her for defamation over an op-Ed he wasn’t even named in 2 years after they divorced. He said he was going to ruin her life on tape and has done everything thing he claimed he was gonna do. I even saw one person claim the jury wasn’t influenced by social media which is a ridiculous thing to say. If you really think depp is totally innocent then I have a bridge I want to sell you.

  6. I live in a town of population 11K. We’re about 10 miles from the highway and a good 45 minutes drive via highway toward the city. So we don’t see a lot of action here. Whenever there are gun shots it’s not due to criminal activity is just people shooting in the fields. There are like 2 or 3 patrol vehicles here that you never really see and the worst thing that happens here is someone speeding, which they rarely pull you over for. Tbh I’d feel fine leaving me door unlocked and actually have done so (by accident) for overnight and nothing happened. Overall I feel pretty safe here

  7. You should put an image of a dirty toilet, to represent the smell of downtown Seattle. And then a rotten clam, to represent the smell of Tacoma.

  8. IT normally has 3 levels. Level 1 means he deals with the most basic of problems.

  9. I’ve owned a business for a year now and it’s only been going up since day one with this month pulling in about 40K in revenue. Feel free to message me.

  10. i have a question for you man, how do you market your business?

  11. How you market your business will very greatly do to what type of business you own. I own a security agency so I look for larger business such as warehouses, large retail stores, and construction companies. Sometimes I’ll scope the place out and see if they currently have Security services (I’ll still market toward them, but it helps to know if they have experience with security services)or sometimes they’ll post an ad requesting information on security services. I do have a website but I keep it minimal so that it entices them to give me a call instead of making a decision based on a webpage.

  12. If you're not in the military, then you have no reason to own an assault rifle. Full stop. I don't give a flying fuck about what snowflake bullshit you want to try and defend owning a gun who's only purpose is to murder humans. Ban assault rifles for civilians, and just let the right wing gun nuts cry until the cows come home. Fuck em.

  13. Biden is guaranteeing the Republicans a victory It’s sickening

  14. I know they say the President had nothing to do with it but I don’t remember this happening under Trump so I’ll be voting for him this next election. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted to oblivion but the thing is I just associate a much lower cost of living as a better time and I was having a better time under Trump.

  15. Imagine showing up in WWII and being like “🥺 Not all Germans are Nazis”

  16. But they weren’t… there was even a difference between the German armed forces and the Armed Nazi forces.

  17. I’m going to assume you didn’t feel the full pain because it would probably knock you back out from the amount of pain.

  18. I was a farmer in Kittitas; live stock dying to predators is so much less important in the grand scheme of things than killing some of our only large-game natural predators. Imma use the republican line they use when talking to the left as a preemptive response to “it’s their livelihood” and say to get a different job if wolves killing your cows causes you to commit felonies.

  19. Another interesting thing I found is farmers flip flop on their political party. I’ve met many that actually voted for Obama both terms and were very happy about their decision. Yet they then voted for Trump both times (and probably will a third). I don’t think you could use one political party saying to suit them.

  20. Is this nationally or just Washington? I’m not saying you’re wrong I’m just stating what I was told when I asked these farmers

  21. Never heard of the round before so I had to look it up. I found information for the .41short rimfire, 130gr, a speeding 425fps with a staggering 52ftlb. Could not find information on the .41long.

  22. When I lived in Florida as a child I was very prone to mosquito bites. One weekend my mother counted 127 new mosquito bites. I’d often be tormented by them and was constantly itching. Still don’t understand why non of my other brothers had this problem. For every one they got I swear I received twenty. This was even during the Zika scare. Anyway to the point nothing ever happened to me so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

  23. Wow I didn’t know the Navy was so hard to make rank. E3 for six years. That’s crazy.

  24. Depends on the rate. In my rate (ITS) it’s not uncommon to see a super high promotion rate, sometimes 100%. But in HM’s (hospital men) is rare to see it above 10%.

  25. Than seditionists attempting to overthrow democracy?

  26. Yeah then Floyd riots did get out of hand. Burned down both civilian and government buildings.

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