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  1. Is it possible you have a cat that she will miss?

  2. NGL, I went down OP's post history to look for a picture. Every one of OP's photos involves a cat. I'd follow up the "you gonna miss my pussy while I'm gone" text with a cat photo and leave it alone.

  3. "oops I meant gonna miss these biscuits, hahaha, silly autocorrect!"

  4. I'd go after your renters insurance for failing to renew. If you paid on time and they didn't renew, they could be criminally liable.

  5. There is almost zero chance of them being held criminally liable. Civilly liable, sure, but it's not criminal. I would look at the rules around notification (did they follow the proper steps to notify you?) and if not, go after your insurance company.

  6. Sorry, I was jabbing at OP who is failing to take any responsibility for anything. No, the insurance company isn't at any fault.

  7. I've been on reddit four or five years now, and I've never seen a decent piece of advice come out of legaladvice. As far as "shoot from the hip" legal advice goes, a content specific sub (like this one) has better advice. As far as actual answers, the only correct one is to consult an attorney.

  8. Usually you can paint it. Saw/sand it down, get an outdoor paint, and it'll be good as new and no longer an eyesore.

  9. Drywall saw will make quick work of this. Once you paint it it's unnoticeable.

  10. Sautee them with a little garlic, or maybe slice them up and put them on a pizza.

  11. Chick-fil-A is essentially a drug dealer and the drug is MSG. Food is loaded with it. Yeah it’s not as bad as we used to think but imo it’s cheating. The food is ok. I can make better tenders/nugs at home. I do love the lemonade tho.

  12. Their lemonade is fresh lemons, sugar, and water. If you can make their chicken, you can handle the lemonade.

  13. The funny thing is they didn't even say that as a company. The owner did, I believe in his personal capacity. The left has always been hot and bothered about who the owners personally donate money to.

  14. Then boycott CFA and walk across the street to Burger King and eat there. I have no idea who the Burger King CEO is, or what his political leanings are, but legitimately, could he be any less objectionable than anyone else in the world? It's the one sided blindness that bothers me.

  15. I would just leave and worry about the lease later. It is unlikely anything will happen that will come back to hurt you.

  16. Yeah I’m just a super anxious person and I’m always scared to death that stuff is gonna come back and bite me.

  17. I think your exposure here is limited. Your parents would have to torpedo the lease, and it'd be worse for them than for you.

  18. vMix Control Surface? or something else?

  19. There are a thousand different ways, vMix Panel Builder, Central Control, vMix has a built in web interface on the same network, you just go to the IP address of the vMix machine and hit the open port.

  20. Ah I didn't know about the web interface! Ill have to check that out.

  21. You sound like someone with a fair amount of experience in commercial AV. The only thing I can tell you about vMix to sum it up is that it has no business being as cool as it is for as cheap as it is. It is super slick.

  22. That wasn’t his selling tactic. That’s an observation he made via a Reddit thread after the fact.

  23. You are indeed insufferable. I have absolutely nothing to learn from someone that doesn't read people's threads before commenting shitty advice on them. I did learn on this thread,

  24. With Davinci (sic) being an exception, with maaaybe Blender in that class too, if you are making a living in video production, you should probably be charging enough for the overhead to use professional software.

  25. Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee. I’m sure there are others

  26. So in those states, on June 30 I could leave a voicemail that the rent is going from $650/mo to $10,000/mo and they can either leave by tomorrow or bring me $10k, right?

  27. There is no law preventing it. They could begin the eviction process the moment you failed to pay the higher rent.

  28. I think you're wrong and you're confusing the idea of periodic tenancy with state laws requiring 30 day notice to vacate. They're different things.

  29. Notice to cure is different than eviction. Yes they can make you take down the hazards.

  30. If people will believe covid safety means no more combo pizza, they'll believe anything!

  31. I think some of them are probably good. I also think the way Home Depot handles contractors probably makes the whole experience suckier sometimes. Of course I have no first hand knowledge, just making an educated guess.

  32. The system is set up to reward bottom feeders. If a fair price to set a dishwasher is $150, that's what HD has to charge because that's what everyone else charges. Except HD keeps $75 of that as profit and overhead, so they're only paying $75 to the guy doing the installing. If you were an installer with a brain in your head, you would charge $150 and tell HD to pound sand. The guys agreeing to do it for $75 are the guys who for a variety of reasons, can't do that. The least qualified.

  33. Some knows their shit. Can’t rule out everyone for the few man

  34. I started home improvement in 2007 when there were approximately 0 home improvement videos on YouTube. If you went to Home Depot the guy in the plumbing aisle was a retired plumber and the guy in the electrical aisle was a retired electrician. Fast forward 15 years, you can learn anything you need on the internet, and everybody working at the Depot has an IQ of 65. It's rough out there.

  35. I'm gonna sound real dumb here, but how long can you breathe in those things?

  36. It is still good. You can shake it upside down and unpack the powder.

  37. What general area? What general purchase price, rent, and selling price?

  38. I'm installing a stainless steel cable railing on my deck right now. I could have bought online for ~$2500. I didn't really know what I wanted so I called a local place and they walked me through it. It was $4500. Instead of having it in 2 days, they custom make it all and it takes a month. Six weeks later I call to check and it'll be 4 weeks. I'm pissed off but I hold it in. 4 Weeks go by and I call and it won't be ready for a week. A week later I e-mail and get no response. 3 days later I e-mail and ask to cancel and suddenly my order is ready.

  39. You and this neighbor don't get along. Effective immediately, never speak to this neighbor again. If they speak to you, keep walking. If you see them at the grocery store, go down a different aisle. If you see them at a neighborhood BBQ, sit at a different table. If their car breaks down, close the drapes so you're not tempted to offer help. Never speak to this person ever again for any reason.

  40. Maybe a bug crawled out of one of the holes.

  41. Cockroaches love light fixtures because they're warm and tight. I also assume they are bug covers, but the huge gap between the light and the ceiling isn't covered, so maybe not.

  42. But then the math for a 10k meter install pays itself back in 2 years and actually makes a great deal of sense. Also encourages water conservation and ends up being cheaper in aggregate thanks to variable rates.

  43. I don't make business decisions for you, I just give advice on the internet. I assume "$400 for a triple decker" means 3 units so it's $133/unit/mo and you're paying $30k for three meters not $10k for one. This assumes you don't need a hose for yourself to water the landscaping which would be another $10k plus $/mo forever.

  44. Would love to hear an update from you when it happens! I am also curious, and I'm sure on the left coast I'd be paying 5x what they pay in Iowa.

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