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  1. And vote for Senator Armstrong too

  2. Understandable, but ya got to let im be, sometimes it ain't worth it, or you could just simply play into it with him, I mean it was fun for me.

  3. Yeah...I kinda stopped interacting with them...I just wanting to let them know how much I honestly care about this post (which if you didn't know, is not at all) and hope to not see them here.

  4. Agreed, but alas, it's the internet, sooner or later you're gonna run into people like this and it can be annoying, especially for something you care deeply about, but ya gotta see past it and see it for the joke it is.

  5. I do see it as a (albeit mean) joke, but...can't really let them get away with it either

  6. This is a good argument, if you're smarter than your character, can they solve the puzzles using your answers despite them being an utter moron or does that count as a kind of metagaming?

  7. I guess it depends...since if the puzzle's concept is simple enough, anyone could potentially solve it

  8. Kinda...I usually do know the character, but don't realize they're similar until I'm told about it

  9. While he isn't motivated now, he will be motivated when he yet again destroys the thicc

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